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Ryan Abernathy

"There is only but one thing, and that is to do better and to be better." Owner | @dropstructures | @thisisstudiotree

3612 14th Ave N Lethbridge, Alberta

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MacKenzie Beach

Scavenging hunt with the best crew of ruffians | Sound on bc kids are funny | 👫👦🏼👧🏼👶🏼

"It's the back roads. The dirt. The mud. The potholes and the ditches. It's the unknown that makes a trip memorable. It's the chaos of the breakdowns and beatdowns that make a story great, and everybody wants to hear a great story. Nobody really wants a story that was perfect." Water - a luxury in most places, but to keep the '97 Land Rover Defender looking good at all times a new go to is the Armor All Total Vehicle Detailer. It's the only one I know that has a 3 in 1 ability to work inside, outside, on glass and on tires. A defender for a defender. Not bad, not bad at all Click the link in my bio to learn more! Available at Canadian Tire and Walmart nationally.

Mackenzie Beach Resort

Blonde Beach Boys

Salt Water. Mustard. Mayonnaise. Sand. Dog hair. Just a few of the things that end up on seats when traveling. It's just how things tend to go. However, with the New and Improved Armor All Protectant, I can keep the insides clean and protected which means a little less worry and a lot more time with my wife and kids - making memories. Click the link in my bio to learn more! Available at Canadian Tire and Walmart nationally. ad

You always have been and always will be my favourite @lisaabernathy

Summit Powder Mountain

Spent a few days in Utah recently... not enough days to be honest. Definitely impressed with @living.powdermountain | @summit

I’m ready for summer; pits stops, fly fishing and open roads.

Built a little weekend retreat

“Happiness is the desire and ability to sacrifice what we want now, for what we want eventually, and in doing so we learn Joy.” This year is for pursuing Joy - not hustling, not happiness, not titles - Joy.

What would I do, or who would I be without you?

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