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Fashion Design Student. Traveler/vacationer Love dancing, always smiling. Help to change children lives @upwithchildren

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MetLife Stadium

Heading out to see the At the MetLife!! Who is going?? baby!!

Chelsea, Manhattan

A quick snap!!! I never liked pink, this summer has changed my mind!!! Good day for all of ya!

🌴 Good Morning! 🌞

New York, New York

You’ve been in my life since I have recollection of memories. You are my sister, you are my love, you are my longest friend and my soulmate. My affection for you have been carved into my soul by the force of all those stories and experiences that we’ve created together for the whole extent of our lives, basically. Jugar a la Alarma roja, a poner tachuelas en la avenida para pinchar carros, los power rangers, asomarnos por la rendija de la puerta para fastidiar a José, bailar todas las tardes, el Marciano! A escondidas de mi mamá, ponerle pimientos picantes a las gomas de mascar, meternos en el carro de mi tío a cantar, Tapias y Arboleda, pero sobretodo Tapias 🙄 !!! . . Los concurso del erupto más largo, . Tu risa de bruja! Do you remember when we pissed my mom off because she couldn’t watch la novela??!!! Por que estábamos muertas de la risa remedando a Gabriela Spanic: NO MARCO DURAN!!! Que simple eran nuestras vidas y que tan felices éramos. I can’t remember many significant moments of my childhood that your not part of. I’m happy you are here, I’m happy to love you, I’m happy that we belong together! Te amo @ednaossa


Why are we so distracted of pursuing what really matters in life? I often ask myself what’s the purpose of existence?. We are futile minuscule beings in the great scale of the universe. One day, soon, so soon it’s scary, we will all be gone. Most of us forgotten because History won’t remember us. (All of us forgotten when human history cease to be). So why is it that we waste our time doing things that do not make us happy? We’ve build this society that dictated a “rules book” that everyone must follow to “fit in” to be “normal” -even though being normal is the most boring thing a person can ever do-. I don’t have an answer, I don’t understand it. I also do things that don’t make me happy despite the fact that I often thing of how stupid it is to wasted my very limited time on Earth. I guess I gotta try better to fix that. Photo @peperooy

🍹what’s the most popular drink where you are from?


Dreamy places!🍀🍃

Manhattan, New York

Verde que te quiero verde 🍃

New York, New York

Before I moved to some people told me that I would eventually get tired of living here.. it might be because I’m new here, but I living in D City! What’s your dreamed city and do you live there? 🇪🇸Cuál es tu ciudad favorita, vives en ella??


Before I say anything: QUESTION: SHOULD I KEEP HER AS ORIGINAL AS POSSIBLE OR SHOULD I MAKE HER INTERIOR MODERN-BOHEMIAN?? Now.... This is a dream to me. I had long been looking at Airstreams.. dreaming of owning one.. but this guys are expensive.. One night, the same day I filled the application form for FIT, I found her, for a price I could afford. She was in TX and so was I the very next day. This is a motor home btw, I didn’t even know they existed but that way more exciting!!! (And problematic) Long story short... that was madness, I almost didn’t get her. So many issues... but she is finally mine. Can’t wait to ride her!!

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