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Servant of Christ. Husband of @hillaryfroning. Father. . @mayhemathlete. @roguefitness. @reebok. @advocare. @rpstrength. @rehband.
601 Rich Froning Way Cookeville, Tennessee

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I miss “hanging out” with my friends. Get it? Pumped to have all our @mayhemathlete programs on the new and improved @SugarWOD platform. We recently released a Mayhem Scaled program for those of you looking to nail down movements like strict pull ups, start to Rx some workouts, or just improve your baseline fitness. Check out a couple pieces from last week: 3 rounds 15 Dumbbell Box Step Over (2x40s/25s) 15 Sand Bag Clean 70/50 5x5-7 Banded Tempo Pull Ups *3 second Ascending and Descending Reps

Tickets for @wodonthewaves are LIVE! Who’s in this year? Last year was a blast!

Pre-order ends tonight! Limited edition 2019 Affiliate Cup Champs shirts. Ends tonight at 11:30PM (CST). Link in bio @thecrossfitmayhem bio.

Event 1 3 rounds 25/18 Cal Assault Bike 30 Synchro Toes to Bar Heavy Bob (sled) Push This workout was as miserable as it looked on paper, it was all about maintaining a good pace on the bike (not dying), big but controlled sets on the toes to bar, and not going to failure pushing the sled. The girls waited for us a lot on the assault bike so the rest of the workout they were “pushing” (nagging) us to get back on the sled and push. Event 1 is always fun to see who can control their emotions and stick to a game plan or adjust on the fly when things don’t go according to plan.

This event was 0 fun from the beginning, from the low back rash to the running with weight for 30 minutes no fun was had.

Froning Bison Shirt at or link in @roguefitness bio

What a fun year! Love this team!

One more day!

So day 2 was pretty fun! Photo cred: @bearkomplex

Solid day 1.

If this doesn’t get you fired up I don’t know what will! @crossfitmayhemfreedom

Alliant Energy Center

Check out Day 1 “Behind the Scenes” at the 2019 CrossFit Games. New video everyday this week. Link in bio.

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