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International wedding cinematographer.

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We're back again with a new Osmosis Workshop. The workshop where you will be able to create your own destination wedding portfolio piece while learning. This year it will be held in the beautiful Puglia, Italy on 28-30 Oct and 1-3 Nov: This workshop with Maru films and Kreativ Wedding is unique, because it will contain an online basic training to get you up to speed. All so we can focus on real hands-on learning during your stay in Italy. Next to covering subjects like the business, storytelling and inspiration, you will spending a lot of time shooting and editing yourself while being mentored by Remi Schouten and Riccardo Fasoli. Any questions let us know!


We had the pleasure to shoot the after wedding shooting of @carmushka & @niclasjulien and it was such a nice adventure. πŸ”₯

An amazing wedding in Tuscany

Castiglione d'Orcia

Oh Bella Toscana, we are always happy to shoot beautiful stories through your colours ❀️ be part of these moments... @carmushka & @niclasjulien just thank u ❀️

Trinidad and Tobago

Was 2016 when a wedding was mixed into a Carneval. What for an amazing experience @nikinix3 & @zamzaflams

A bit of curve plus Kreativ Luts πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜Š

Castiglione d'Orcia

What for amazing moment hearing the bride singing during the ceremony for her man. The positive energy that was in that wedding in Tuscany was something that u couldn’t be indifferent also after a big rain 10 min before the ceremony. Can’t wait to edit their film. Foto by @kreativwedding

The full film from Carmen & Niclas you can find it in the igtv of @kreativwedding 😊

The new OSMOSIS WORKSHOP info are coming soon!!! Subscribe for updates

Bali, Ubud

Editing the film of these beautiful souls in their Bali Wedding πŸ“·@kreativwedding

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