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Cranbrook, Kent

Gorgeous Asparagus Fricassee - a perfect small dish at Apicius. I do love Sunday lunches

A most delish lunch ... such a treat

Such lovely colours 💕

Inside the weaving room at Romney Tweed

First weaving attempt Tweed taster day

Opening tomorrow Wavelengths 2 at the Kaleidoscope Gallery, Sevenoaks

Wavelengths 2 ‘Woolf in Sheep’s Clothing’ (2018)

Wavelengths 2 .... ‘Skeleton Woman’ (2018)

Wavelengths 2 - everything is taking shape

No words needed ...

Today I bought myself rose’s ... who could resist. They make me smile every time I walk past them. I highly recommend flowers for sheer for smile inducing power.


Angel-flight ...

Artefact 564 ... ‘Singing over the Bones’. Wavelengths_woolf

Artefact 564: an object of unknown origin. Fossil ... relic ... wolf ... woman ... Currently showing at Hastings Arts Forum as part of the Wavelengths Exhibition - wavelengths_woolf

Oh the baggage we carry ... ‘Woolf in Sheep’s Clothing’, showing at Hastings Art Forum as part of the Wavelengths exhibition - wavelengths_woolf

‘... sometimes alone is all we need ... ‘ combining contemporary tech with the nostalgia that vintage photographs often draw from us.

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