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ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ The sheep dislike the sheepdog until the coyote arrives.

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Regrann from @guns.gear.knives - Regrann from @guns_az - 📸@realtylerliberty - -

Regrann from @doughboy_warrior - -

Regrann from @2a4all - Happy Monday. Find some way to make yourself better this week and keep crushing your goals. -

from @grey.wolf.tactical - Smith and Wesson Model 29 in .44 Magnum A powerful and iconic double action revolver first produced in 1955, the .44 Magnum cartridge was created by Elmer Keith to be a powerful caliber to be used in a handgun for hunting large game. The Model 29 is built on the N-frame similar to what is used with the Model 27 and 28. This allows hot loadings to be used and absorbs most of the recoil making it pleasant to shoot. Despite being the most powerful mass-produced handgun at the time, the Model 29 was only used in limited numbers by law enforcement and hunters until 1971 with the release of the movie, Dirty Harry, this increased the popularity of the Model 29 and even made issues for Smith and Wesson keeping up with orders. The Model 29 is a popular for target shooting, plinking or as a defensive gun when travelling through the woods. Manufacture- @smithwessoncorp Photo taken by- @seanieut

from @pottsstippling - Broke out the bravo. It's about time to do some runs with this bad mammajamma

Regrann from @2a4all - Day one complete of the carbine course with @forceoptions and @klhunter42. Getting back into the rifle game is rough. I’m glad to be learning again. -

Regrann from @2a4all - Enjoy the weekend everyone. Be safe and be aware. Try to get some shooting in while you’re at it. -

Regrann from @grey.wolf.tactical - Colt Python in .357 Magnum with a 4" barrel made in 1972 An old school and high quality six shot, double action revolvers that were first produced in 1955 and was sadly discontinued in 1999 (limited runs were made up until 2005). The Python is known for being one of the finest revolvers ever produced due to it's tight lock up, crisp trigger pull and close distance between the cylinder and the forcing cone which greatly helped with accuracy. It was commonly used by law enforcement, target shooters, hunters and civilians, with a wide range of models and barrel lengths being offered allowing the shooter to choose a Python for their needs. It was offered with a 2.5", 4", 6" and 8" barrel as well as being in stainless or having a blued or nickel finish. Mostly the Python was used by target and competition shooters with it having adjustable sights, a wide hammer spur and trigger, ergonomic grips, vented rib as well as a full underlug barrel, this helped with balance and help with muzzle rise. Manufacture- @coltfirearms Photo taken by- @pete.2a

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