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We’re on sabbatical, but stay tuned to see what happens next!

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You can take the girl out of the kitchen, but you can’t stop the girl from going to the Afternoon Live kitchen...or something like that. 😏 🤤

Pick Your Dish

Let’s see what the universe has in store for me next! 🤔

Kelly's Brighton Marina

Easter brunch at the coast with good friends...forgot to get a pic of my Easter dinner with family; but it was an overall yummy and fun day!

Pick Your Dish

As most of you know, while I'm not sure what's coming next (or when), I still remain a lover of food…I still love cooking it…I still love connecting with people over meals…there is so much I will miss about . I’ve met the best people, I’ve poured my heart and soul into every piece of the business, I’ve laughed SO much, I’ve learned more than I could have possibly imagined. This was not an easy decision to come to, however necessary it is. 👩🏻‍🍳 Tremendous thanks to my unbelievably supportive family (and you!), I’m so grateful to have been able to do this as long as I have, and now I’m making space for whatever the next phase might be. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Just get that last order in by midnight 🕛 TONIGHT (Thursday) so you can take stress off your plate next week by bringing great food in one more time – I truly am so fortunate to have been ‘at’ your tables through the years! 💓 With gratitude, Eleissa . . .

Pick Your Dish

Oh you know, just leave it to me to find the perfect in the last few weeks of 🙄 I had grand plans of making my own since we put it in our and chicken dishes, but time. Then @the_meating_place_pdx started carrying and now I’m OBSESSED with the - I’m sure our customers will be, too! 🤤🤤🤤 . . . .


See? 🙄 Link to segment in profile for a bit...

Beaverton, Oregon

on this - fortunately the one I made for @afternoonlivek2 yesterday was . This one? It’s the epitome of true distraction. 😱 Make no mistake - the strata should spend most of its life in the fridge, NOT the oven. I’m beyond grateful that I did not burn the house down or even ruin my oven with this baking in it without anyone home. All. Day. Long. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤭🤯

This is it... With two more weeks of cooking as , this is for ! They’re on the menu for next week, with your holiday tables in mind, so make sure to order by TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT! 🕛 Don’t miss out (these suckers freeze well, too)!! . . .

Field Office

Starting Wednesday off real right... Celebrating the grand opening of @commissarycafe @fieldofficepdx 😍 🤣 @lewisbuilds

Ex Novo Brewing

Back in Beaverton after the @biz_bff and remembered that I left half of this amazing sandwich for the hubs when I headed for the coast. I asked if he enjoyed and he said our youngest ate it instead. 🙄 Anyway, I hope @exnovopizza offers this special again so he can try it! There was @mamalilspeppers and the bread?! 🤤🤤🤤

File this one under ... When your is on multiple ‘boards’ because Still delish thanks to @rosecitypepperheads @costco and @traderjoes!! C’mon up @biz_bff - I just remembered to slice the !!

Lincoln City, Oregon

quick quiz...which mug holds the ☕️ and which holds the 🍾?? Thanks @bizbff for the thoughtful, er, bowl

Lincoln City, Oregon

Not a bad view when you’re starting the day early with spreadsheets so you can spend the rest of it and at the with @biz_bff and a handful of rad biz babes. ❤️

Pick Your Dish

I figured if I posted something yesterday, it might’ve been mistaken for April fools; but if you’ve been reading our newsletters for the last couple of weeks, you know we aren’t joking. April is our last month in the S&H Foods kitchen as ...not sure what’s next! I’m a mix of emotions - sometimes all business with logistics and to-do’s, other times a text like this makes me 😭. Anyway, we have just a few more weeks to cook for y’all, so get those orders in!👩🏻‍🍳 . . .

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