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•XX• a m y t h, e l r e b e l, e l t a n k, e l t o r o Ⓜ️TY⚪️⚽️⭐️x4 🌟x4

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h a p p y c h a m p

It’s over...

It ends soon...

The end is near...

Barclays Center

The beginning of the end of where it started...

Finally! It’s over! Now until April... oh and I bumped into a wrestler, and I was deadass about to pretend to not know her ask her where upper90 was so her ego would be hurt.

We’re almost to the end.

That’s a hat trick, third year in here.

Wow! Four years have gone by since I first went...


Barclays Center

Night 4, it's a wrap.

Barclays Center

Night 3, BeachballMania was running wild!

Night 2, again up in this bish.

Barclays Center

Night 1 for the third year in a row!

Randall's Island Field 75

Free kicks in 90 degree weather...

Randall's Island Field 74

Another me is what there will never be, Another life like this you'll never see.

It’s leavvvvvvving 😑

Free kicks....are my specialty... ✌🏼️😩👎🏼

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