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Padma Lakshmi

Feminist 💪🏾 Mother 🤱🏽 Immigrant 🇮🇳 Host of @bravotopchef🍴 🌻Donate to @abortionfunds

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About last night 😽 @vulture

I whip my hair back & forth (just whip it) 🌊

Please don’t forget to take a moment for yourself and your sanity. What do you do to momentarily escape this hellscape?

Happy Birthday Fati- wherever your spirit is I know you’ll be eating something yummy 💙 (@zoedove)

🥭Have you ever tried to cut a mango like this?? (@firstwefeast)

I had the privilege of getting to know Toni over the years during events. She was always so warm, and yet so regal- the very definition of literary royalty. The last time was coincidentally at lunch with the great Nora Ephron. A very tall tree has fallen in our forest today.

This is from the film, Sharpe's Challenge where I played a character that according to the British script (Bernard Cornwell) is an evil, conniving concubine that becomes queen. 👑My side of the story is I'm using everything in my power to save my country from the *actual* evil of colonization. And yes, I am feelin’ myself 💁🏽‍♀️

Marrakech Souks

Another Unfortunate Bangs Situation™️ In my defense I was filming the 10 Commandments in Morocco and had a Princess Bithia haircut but in my off hours I absolutely loved trolling the spice shops in the Marrakesh Souk. ⁣ ⁣ Spices are what give a dish its character and point of view. Chicken and tomatoes can be made in fifteen different ways just by changing the spices. Understanding spices is the first key to being a good cook and learning the world’s flavors.⁣ ⁣ My friend, the beautiful Italian photographer @priscillabenedetti took this picture. Priscilla, I know you've got dozen of other compromising photos of me. Cough 'em up please? I could really use them for the gram. 😂

Sunland Park, New Mexico

@rrael & @vasfsf designed this “Teeter-Totter Wall” for the book "Borderwall as Architecture," which uses "humor and inventiveness to address the futility of building barriers.⁣” ⁣ This week the wall “became a literal fulcrum for U.S -Mexico relations and children and adults were connected in meaningful ways on both sides with the recognition that the actions that take place on one side have a direct consequence on the other side.”⁣⁣ ⁣ (via @cnn)

I love this pic and KT at this age. My god I miss it so much! 😭


Last year in Macau for the @bravotopchef finale ⛩ where in the 🌍 should we go this year?

Creating this show with @hulu is my dream come true. I get to meet so many inspiring immigrants from around the country and explore their cultural/personal narratives through their food. 💪🏿💪🏾💪🏽💪🏼💪🏻⁣ ⁣ “It’s the first solo food vehicle for Lakshmi... Each episode starts with a single dish that represents and connects to a community’s history and traditions, and explores the evolution of that immigrant community through that cuisine. From family recipes and street food to high-end restaurants, each dish explored is a symbol of a unique journey and story that provides viewers a window into where communities came from and the tale of how they set roots in America.” - @hollywoodreporter

The Bell House

I’m doing another comedy show⚡️: this time its personal. Come to Brooklyn on Thurs, August 15th for an evening to benefit @abortionfunds 💜 an organization that helps women & their families all across the country with reproductive healthcare including: the cost of procedures, travel & lodging.⁣ ⁣⁣ Last year you all raised nearly 20k for @movementvote for the primaries. Let’s do it again! Link in bio for tix. ⁣ ⁣ 🎨: @pattymcavoydesigns


We were in Singapore filming the @bravotopchef finale with baby Krishna. This is also where she had her first (stolen) taste of beef broth, if you read that part in my memoir. Her face at the end kills me 😂 Also, where are my eyebrows??


When that hot subway air hits 😂 📷: @ridburman

Washington, District of Columbia

There are meals in your life you will never forget. Meals you will tell your grandkids about. Last night was one of them. I had dinner with someone I’ve admired for a long long time. And she did not disappoint. Witty and whip smart, she had a twinkle in her eye the whole night. We sipped champagne, savored our gazpacho and crab and talked of India in the 80’s and so much more. A special thank you to the gracious and funny David Hagedorn and his husband Michael Widomski for an evening filled with love and laughter.

The dream teams @ciaosamin, @jonfavreau, @chefroychoi vs @gordongram , @davidchang & myself for @hollywoodreporter🍴⚡️

Washington Post

“In truth, Trump supporters are a minority. He has an approval rating of about 40 percent, and his main strategy is to latch on to white peoples' fear of irrelevance, their perceived loss of social capital and political power — the age-old fear of the "Other." He took disenfranchised citizens' ire meant for bankers and Wall Street's dubious loans and aimed it squarely at young Guatemalan families crossing the border with bare feet to seek asylum.” Link in bio for the full @washingtonpost article.

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