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NYC| 💡 ♾ Ocho System™️|@Nike| Consultant @whoop Creative Director of Wellness @smartwater @systemofservice @gq 📬

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👁 🚣🏿 @sadienewman hated me after this workout but...“rest if you must but don’t you quit” 🤗 •|• new week, new day, new moments let’s get it Weekly Challenge: do the “easy” things that will make the hard things, easier. Are you sleeping? Hydrating? Spending time off your phone to mentally unload? Taking just time to breathe and be present? While the difficult tasks are often glorified in our culture it’s the simple (and inexpensive) things that will help recharge us so we can take on the difficult accordingly 💫 📸 @fauxly / @streetdreamsmag

UCSF Medical Center

👨🏾‍🔬👨🏼‍🔬😏 💭 Yo @steve__finley you ready to have some fun and see how we can fine tune our marathon prep around these numbers ? Getting VO2 max and lactate test numbers out @ucsf human performance center 😷

San Francisco, California

🗣San Francisco📍....swipe for a surprise 🥺 🐶

🌍 🌈 “Breathe Free” ❗️🎯San Francisco 8.15 @systemofservice x @dyson Air pollution causes 19,000 premature deaths in the US alone per year 9 out of 10 children worldwide don’t breathe safe air Tired of reading facts like this and not doing anything about it so kicking off a “Breathe Free” initiative with Dyson x @livvperez’s and I non-profit @systemofservice to see how we can put a dent in this 8.15 @ 6:30 PM hosting a “Breathe Free” run in San Francisco, it’s free but limited slots available, 💫register link in bio💫. Will hold a brief discussion regarding ways to improve your running as well as air quality for yourself and others. Also will be collecting shoes for donation to @soles4souls If you’re not in SF but know someone who is, please tag them 🙏🏾 Dyson will be donating to the Coalition for Clean Air on our behalf, no purchase necessary, to help fight air pollution in the state of California as it has the worst air polluted cities in the U.S Looking to keep this moving across the country and worldwide, there’s so many ways we can help and improving air quality is only one. If you have any ideas, please feel free to message me 🙏🏾🙏🏾 📸 @griff

Performix House

❗️📈 @romeestrijd showing a couple moves you can add to your core routine Landmine “Bus Driver” and the Quadruped Swiss ball lift to plank As a general “theme” look to add in Rotational core movements and then core movements that provide some sort of controlled change, like a a shift in leg length during the Swiss ball plank move Can then superset this with something more dynamic , like a walking lunge with a Rotational med ball chop to accompany the bus driver or banded high knee run to accompany the Swiss Ball Plank Save this video and add it to your routine 💪🏾

Boston, Massachusetts

Getting ready to gear up for marathon season 📈 😨 and happy to have @whoop part of my prep team, WHOOP makes this wearable that tracks my daily recovery, activity, sleep, and more which helps me manage me training load Anybody else running marathons this year? 🗣 Comment below which ones I visited their HQ in Boston 🧠 a little back to get more insight into how all this data comes together and the projects we’re working on next 😏 Stay tuned for more 💫 🎥 @bhgross

Somewhere on Earth

chin up, stay focused, put in the work, and bet on yourself 🎲 💫 🚀 •|• P.S. Mental Contrasting has been a G-d send as of late. Suggest everyone look into it Wish Outcome Obstacle Plan

New York, New York

🔋 my @GQ story, link in bio I don’t pretend to know everything and openly admit I’m a work in progress. When it comes to understanding wellness though I immerse myself in it so intensely and consistently on the day to day because without it I wouldn’t be here—- I was a 2 month premature baby that sans a caring Mom and doctor Dad who believed in the power of empirical knowledge mixed with practicality things could’ve turned out different I know I have a few things to share that will help because I’ve been where you are; a bit confused, sometimes overwhelmed, and annoyed at a culture that makes me worry about everything but our health in a constructive manner This isn’t about glorifying me, it’s about having fun while giving you knowledge that can actually be implemented on the day to day as we all look to learn more and be better not because there is something “wrong” with us but rather instead it never hurts to just feel a little more “right” within ourselves Send me ideas, feedback, what you think I should write about etc but for now hit the link in bio for step 1 in our exploration together 🚀🚀

New York, New York

New 4 page spread in August @GQ. New job with @GQ.2019-2020 Excited to be named a fitness/wellness contributor for GQ over the next year May be biting off more than I can chew but if @uofpenn taught me one thing it’s handling that. Words to me are still one of the few ways you can democratize access so let’s give it a shot Thank you @willwelch and everyone involved More soon, let’s gooo 🤸🏾‍♂️ 🖊

George Town, Cayman Islands

Taking my Mom on vacation for her bday turned out to be the best gift I ever got myself 🎁 ❤️🎂

Grand Cayman, Caribbean Islands

🌴 Stella got her groove, I found my stride Swear the island sun has healing properties ☀️🏥. Back to running with much less pain Pro-tip: when returning back to running after aches, don’t worry about pace or “miles” just run off of feel, get used to time on your feet/volume again, do the non-running prehab work, and eat for recovery. The speed will return when the comfort is present. Ease back into it, there’s no need to rush 💫 📸 @fauxly

💫💪🏾 excited to announce I have my own channel in the @niketraining app. A full 6 stage program made by me and with it comes additional guidance and tips for mindset, recovery, nutrition, and training. I call it “Level Up” cause it’s an aggregate of all the small things I’ve learned over the years that I know can help you go from good to great. More via link in bio NTC premium comes with a whole new 🌊 of Information from additional Nike Master Trainers as well like @kirstygodso, @ryanjflaherty, and @betinagozo so check it out. Only available in US for now but rolling out 🌎 eventually Appreciate the support not just of Nike but y’all to make this come to life ❤️! Just the first step hopefully in making wellness more accessible

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