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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Congresswoman for NY-14: Bronx and Queens🇺🇸 100% grassroots. Personal account. For on-the-job Congressional updates, visit @repocasiocortez.

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Castle Hill, Bronx

As many of you know, I’ve fallen in love with gardening after working on a community plot this spring! I wanted to see how we bring our community into gardening opportunities in the Bronx - so this morning I joined @nyrp on a visit to our local Castle Hill community garden! . We learned so much - first, there are LOTS of community gardens throughout NYC, you just have to look 👀. @nyrp helps communities create, revitalize, and cultivate gardens. Sometimes there are even small, oddly shaped plots of land that can’t be developed or people don’t want, so they donate it to a public land trust, and turn them into gardens! . Here, these little ones and I are planting corn with @nyrp’s help. Community members take over the gardens and decide what membership means, how they’d like to run it, and how plots are divvied up. In the Castle Hill garden, they also host barbecues, lunches, and movie nights. 🍿 It’s all about reconnecting to our land, earth, food, and each other while learning new skills and growing veggies - often for the first time!

Next time someone tries to pay you in “experience” & “exposure,” tell them this. ⬆️ .

New York's 14th Congressional District

Some of best work we can do right now is building and deepening our sense of community. That, to me, is what organizing is all about: community-making. . It’s how we create bonds that add meaning to our lives, how we educate one other compassionately, and how we create real, sustainable power that serves the people, the environment, and our future. . Community is how we uplift one another and keep each other safe. It’s how we welcome, love, and transform. And I’m so thankful to be a part of our NY-14 community ✨ . 📸: @coreytorpiephotography

We will not go back to the days of injustice. We will not go back to the denial of science, to inequality, to bigotry, to darkness. We will not go back. We will light a candle, and move forward. . 🎥: @shotbyblanco

Planet Earth

Hope is contagious. . “I know so many people who feel hopeless, and they ask me, “What should I do?” And I say: “Act.” . It was such an honor to share this conversation with you, @gretathunberg.

Queens, New York

🚨ACTION ITEM: When it comes to locking people up over marijuana or because they can’t afford ridiculous cash bail, we are OVER IT. If you‘re a Queens resident that can vote, we need you to make a calendar event for this TUESDAY on when you plan to VOTE for Tiffany Caban (@cabanforqueens) as your new DA. (Hint: right before work is best if you can swing it) . Tiffany is taking on powerful real estate interests in this race, whose big idea for “cleaning up neighborhoods” is locking them up so they can build empty luxury condos that serve as bank accounts or playgrounds for the rich. No more. Our city is for living in, not displacing people so shady people can hide their shady money. . Moreover, Tiffany believes that the role of the DA is about COMMUNITY SAFETY. I endorse her because we share the same values, and to us safety means freedom from fear. That means we should be just as free from the fear of ICE trying to knock on our neighbor’s door without a warrant as we should be free from the fear that domestic abuse will reoccur in a household. She gets it because she was a public defender for years - and has spent YEARS seeing how this system fails to provide safety to our neighborhoods. There are a million other reasons, so just hit up her site to learn more and queue up your calendar reminder to VOTE on Tuesday (preferably in the morning so you can lock it in early, give yourself enough time, & get it out of the way). . 📸: @nicole_millman_photo

Bronx Borough Hall

They really sounded the radio horns for each of our policy positions 🤣 I ♥️ BX - there’s no place like home

Washington, DC, USA

They are concentration camps. . There is absolutely no reason to apologize for calling them what they are. The GOP should apologize for running concentration camps, starving children, and committing international human rights abuses by separating children from their parents. . As long as this administration keeps operating what academics, experts, and historians widely agree to be concentration camps, I will not stop holding their feet to the fire for it. . 🎥: @theintercept

Elmhurst, New York

Looking out for the little ones ✨ . 📸: @coreytorpiephotography

National Puerto Rican Day Parade

Que Bonita Bandera 🇵🇷

United States House of Representatives

From the Tree of Life Synagogue Shooting to the Emanuel Baptist Church massacre, it increasingly seems as though Neo-Nazis keep escaping domestic terrorism charges. . Even worse, the evidence is starting to stack up that violent crimes by Muslims are almost automatically treated as terrorist incidents, while the same crimes committed by White Supremacists are charged differently. . It’s getting harder and harder for officials to explain this away. . Video via @nowthisnews

The Queensboro

According to ROC, 1 in 10 NYCers work in the restaurant industry. 1 in 2 Americans will work in hospitality at some point in their lives. . I’ve always found the detractors who say they’re going to “send me back to bartending” fascinating - after all, what is so wrong with making an honest living? Service workers of all stripes - nail salon, restaurant, car wash workers & more - are some of the hardest working people in the country; and these industries are only growing. . It’s time to to $15 an hour nationally, no exceptions, . It’s far too easy to exploit tipped workers otherwise - which is why sexual harassment and labor violations run rampant in an industry that is up to 70% women and 40% single mothers. . will help countless people and families worry a little less and live more dignified lives. Let’s get it done.

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