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The GPU, our invention, is the engine of computer graphics and GPU deep learning has ignited modern AI — the next era of computing.
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The Gamescom Sweepstakes kicks off with day! Like and comment on any of the Cyberpunk content today on @nvidiageforce for a chance to win this limited edition bundle + an RTX 2080 SUPER GPU.

is going mobile with an Android app. Starting today, select data centers turn for epic RTX gaming performance, with more to come.

A game update to will bring real-time to the world’s best-selling video game — with over 176 million copies sold — announced at in Cologne.

Autonomous vehicle solution provider AutoX and Swedish electric vehicle manufacturer NEVS are partnering to deploy in Europe by the end of 2020. The partnership, which came together through the ecosystem, aims to bring self-driving and EV technology to everyday transportation, paving the way for cleaner and more efficient mobility. The vehicles, which are based on NEVS’ mobility-focused concept, run AutoX’s software and use the high-performance, energy-efficient NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Pegasus platform.

"The is a perfect example of how ML (machine learning) and can be accomplished in small form factors and in battery-powered devices." - Jim McGregor, TIRIAS Research.

EnchANTed by this gorgeous 3D render created by Umbavslz. 🐜 • Fully interactive NVIDIA RTX accelerated ray-traced rendering is now a reality in the beta release of Daz 3D Studio 4.12. 🙌 Unlock 10.5x faster final frame rendering versus CPU-only rendering. See our story highlight to learn more! • @nvidiacreators

Learn how to get started on NVIDIA-Powered Workstations with powerful GPUs and pre-installed data science software like RAPIDS. Watch the full video:

Using real-time ray tracing and -based pose estimation, we transported attendees to the moon so they could relive one of history's greatest moments.

Grab your piece of Android pie... because Experience Upgrade 8.0 is here: @nvidiashield

, the smart paintbrush that turns rough sketches into photorealistic masterpieces, is being used by the world’s leading creators to prototype ideas and make rapid changes to synthetic scenes. Watch the video:

Design challenge! Re-imagine Project Sol and share your creation by tagging @NVIDIACreators and using the hashtag for a chance to win prizes — including a brand-new @Razer edition laptop, Titan RTX GPU, GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, and more! • Check out our highlights at @NVIDIACreators for more info. @UnrealEngine

The latest Driver is available now with optimal support for the newest releases of top creative applications including Autodesk Arnold, Blender, OTOY Octane Render, Maxon Cinema 4D, and Substance by Adobe. @nvidiacreators

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