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Anonymous Arctic Girl 📌NYC 1.-30.9 L.A 1.-30.10 🇺🇲 Movement I'm a Model/Photographer. You are beautiful exactly the way you are.❤️ Art

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Sian Ka'an

I'm graduading as a YOGA TEACHER this week! I still have a "final exam" but I already feel amazing. 🙏❤️ I'm so happy I did this. One of the best decisions I've ever taken! Today I feel like I know better what I want from my life and about who I am. I really want to help people to feel good about themselves, share nude yoga/self-love practice around the world and support, encourage others. I don't want to focus on myself, I want to focus on others. I think in the end, this also brings joy and happiness to me the most. ❤️ When I started my yoga teacher training a year ago, I thought I'm doing it for myself, that I'm not going to teach... Now I feel the opposite! I need to share because the message of yoga is life changing. ❤️ Are you interested in nude yoga pose tutorials and benefits? 😊


If today were the last day of your life, would you be happy with what you did today? Or what you are going to do? ❤️ (time difference)

Drone split collection. Which one do you like the most 1-5? ❤️

Tulum, Quintana Roo

One question once a week...Do you feel preassure to look a certain way? ❤️ There is a fine art print giveaway question on my IG stories right now! To enter just answer the question (24h!). I will pick three winners! Thank you for your time. 🙏

It's time to create something totally new and different! Something you have never seen before. Instagram is the place for my artistic photos but there is so much more in all of this... ❤️ I'm sooo excited and I have so many ideas. Can't wait to show you! Are you ready to know a bit more about me?! 🙈 Videos, nude yoga tutorials, behind the scenes, Q&A videos (talking), my personal practice at home, challanges, my boyfriend, how we work... Anything related to Nude Yoga Girl. ❤️ This new platform is nude-friendly which I appreciate very much and I will be nude. But let's be clear, if you are hoping to see some intimate parts, my new page will not be for you. ❤️ All the new content will be available at the start of September, I will keep you updated. Have a look at my IG stories for more! 😘 Ps. Second photo taken in our apartment.

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Do you take time daily to do nothing? To just relax without processing any thoughts and letting yourself just enjoy the moment without feeling bad about it!? ❤️ I went to an acupuncture session and learned that I have a Yin deficiency (shortly it means that I'm too restless). I realised that I never give myself permission to just be. I stress a lot and that's one of my biggest challanges, especially on months like this one... I feel like there is not enough time and I feel tense. ❤️ That's why today I wanted to remind myself and you of the importance of "me" time. For me the best way to relax my mind is reading a novel. It makes me forget about my own life for a while! But I usually let myself read novels just on holidays... A part of me has always demanded that I need to read "useful" nonficition books more. ❤️ The world is going fast and our every day life is performance oriented, so maybe the best thing for our health is to own a little moment DAILY to do "nothing".😌 ❤️ What makes you lose track of time? ❤️

" I’ve never ever thought my body was something to be proud of or worthy. I hated my hips, they sat too low and people said I had the “hip dips”. Just now at 22, I’m starting to love my body. I have been following you for a while now and for some reason, tonight (when I just started my period!) I decided to get nude and get upside down and film it. Thank you for this movement. " Words from @aloynicole 🙏 ❤️ It would mean the world to me if you join too! 😘 And help spread the message accross the globe, you can make a massive difference to someone's life. Like all these amazing women (tagged in the photo) are doing. ❤️ Ps. Don’t forget to DM your photos to me (or tag) so I can share them on my IG stories!

Villa Mary Pantai Lima Bali

Which one do you like the most 1-4?😊 ❤️ Photos taken at the beautiful @villamarybali / @theluxenomad


Do you feel like you often play a role or are you able to be your real self? ❤️ We all have many roles in life in relation to different people. I’m an entrepreneur, girlfriend, little sister, older sister, daughter, friend… etc. But now I'm talking about a role which you create to pretend to be different, something else than who you really are. Maybe because you are scared to be weird, different, not accepted, or you want to protect yourself, maybe draw more attention? Or you don’t even know why. ❤️ But it’s important to understand that you will never truly feel seen, if you are not yourself and have this kind of role on all the time. And I've learned that we all have a base need to get noticed! So just be YOU - you are enough exactly the way you are! ❤️😊

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

WHAT MAKES YOU EXCITED AT THE MOMENT? ❤️ This time of the year I feel so inspired, passionate and interested in many things. Traditional Chines Medicine, yin yoga, acupuncture, our trip to New York and Los Angeles at the end of this month. ❤️ I’m also motivated to make my lifestyle a little bit healthier again after the summer! I'm going to sleep before 11pm (for me this is early), starting my mornings with a yoga practice (ashtanga my sore) and I even quit drinking coffee a week ago! I've always had a few cups before midday (yes, I have headache now but I won’t give up!). 😉 Let me know what are you interested in or excited about at the moment? ❤️😊

Tulum, Quintana Roo

1 MILLION!! 🙈❤️ Thank you so much for being here! Once I thought about showing my face if this moment would come. About smiling to you and just saying hi. But would you like to see my face? Let me know below what you think! 😘 ❤️ I've had a bigger mission on my mind all the time since I started 3.5 years ago... I hope you take time to celebrate your beautiful, unique self! I also wish to show that nudity can be artistic, natural and so much more. ❤️ I'm so grateful for the community which we have created all together. And especially grateful for YOU - for sharing this journey with me. I hope you will always feel like you can find support and encouragement on here. Maybe 1M followers is proof that the world is ready for a change. And I'm endlessly grateful for my boyfriend who has put his full heart to this and helps me with everything. ❤️ Lots of love and hugs to you! 🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

One question once a week... Do you believe in love at first sight?😍

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