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Nadia Nadim

⚽️🇩🇰Denmark National Team ⚽️🇫🇷Paris Saint-Germain @PSG ⚽️🦁NIKE Athlete @Nike football 🇩🇰🇦🇫👩🏽‍⚕️💊💉🧬

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😎🦖 Foto: @theismortensen

Last game of preseason🦖 it has been some intense weeks where we have worked hard- now we are ready to start the season 💪🏽🦖🦖

Langenthal, Switzerland

Haters gonna say that I’m posing 😎😂🦖. Foto: @juliette_krouge

Langenthal, Switzerland

💃🏽 close enough

literally “started from the bottom and now we in top the Eiffel-tower”🙄 An amazing way to do cardio 🦖 ain’t gonna lie, that was hard 🤪😅guess what the difference is between the first and second picture?😂 🦖💪🏽


Coming through 🦖

Toulouse, France

Game day pose 🦖😎 🔥

Second preseason game and second victory🦖💪🏽 🦖

Me and Queen B😛😍 🦖

Its not the size or your age that matters, it’s the knowledge and the wisdom that you have. The best way to change your environment is by educating first yourself and then the people around you. This statue in Japan is a perfect example ❤️ 🦖🤓🧐

Vichy, France

Squad goals💪🏽🦖

English Turkish