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🌻Private & Group yoga 🕉Kids yoga 📿Reiki 🌸Meditation 🦋Magnetic Cupping 🎆 Cupping 💫Sound Bath 📍Denver CO/ El Paso TX 📅 915-4873655

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El Paso, Texas

We've been through it. We've lost. We've gained. We've lost again. We've said goodbye to people we love, we've let go of ones we had hoped to keep, we've laid to rest out passions and desires and picked up new dreams and new hopes. We've fought for faith, for our beliefs and for the freedom of those who see the world differently. We've spent uncountable hours weeping and holding space for ourselves and those around us. We have seen the darkness. We have lived the darkness. But, still a spark lights in us. Against all odds, with all we have carried and all that we have been witness to, we keep our eyes open. We wage war to live with willing hearts, Because we are here for something. Even if we can't explain it. We know there is purpose in it, whatever it might be. Our hearts have been bruised, stolen, but at the end WE STILL RISE. Stronger than ever. We got this! ✨✨ >

RiNo, Denver

Hi guys, I'll be back on July 20. But I'll be leaving on August 8, make sure you book your appointments... ☎️I will be trying to come back some weeekends to do Reiki sessions, yoga classes and Sound baths. Thank you El Paso. 🌻 > >

Hi guys, I'll be back July 10th and I will be taking appointments till August 8th. I just got aligned for my level 3 Reiki ✨ Book your appointments! > >

I remember balancing in warrior 3 during my first yoga class and thinking to myself "this is really hard". It was the first time I felt fully present in my body. Yoga was an entirely new concept of taking care of my body and listening to my internal cues rather than avoiding them. Meditation dove me deeper into my mind as I started to get to know myself, my thoughts, feelings and beliefs. I started to understand the root of my pain and suffering. I was able to access my intuition and source energy ✨ inside of my body and mind which empowered me to take chances, I have been in love with this practice, it provides me with the necessary tools to explore myself, it's grounded me, while at the same time lifted me high. A day early.. Namaste! 🙏🤘 >

El Paso, Texas

Hi guys it's me the founder of Mystic Lotus, I have so many good news to share with you, I'll be in El Paso till August 10. I'm moving to Denver, Colorado. I got my acceptance letter this week, My last events here in El paso are: June 8 $25 Reiki workshop @innofthemountaingods June 13 $3 Hip Hop yoga @thecanyonsatcimarron 7pm June 20 $3 Abs & Booty blast @thecanyonsatcimarron 7pm June 23 $20 Reiki Sound Bath @theivyep 7pm June 27 $3 blindfolded Yoga @thecanyonsatcimarron 7pm. In December 2019 I'll be traveling to Peru To get my Kundalini training and go to Machu Pichu. Maybe I'll try Ayahuasca! Mystic lotus was born a year ago and its incredible the response I got from this city, The healing starts within you! Mystic Lotus would remain open, and maybe one day I get to open my own space, or get a van and make my business mobile, or both, (totally manifesting) let see what God has in store for me! I'll be back in El Paso in October for a week If you want to schedule an appointment. 🌞🌙✨🚐

El Paso, Texas

Hi guys I team up with @theivyep to bring one of my last events in El paso, Reiki Sound Bath! Reserve your spots this event will sell out. Johanna Butler (915)487-3655 > >

The Blue Mule Outfitters El Paso

Come flow with me today, $3 Yoga and Sound Bath, as we open our hearts for new blessings, and let go of fear. Registration starts at 6:30pm ✨ > >

El Paso, Texas

The full moon is occurring in Scorpio, the Scorpio full moon calls to the destiny within our veins, the sleeping visions that dance within our soul. Scorpio remind us to nourish these sleeping desires, as they are ready to be nurtured. The full Moon is illuminating the Places where our soul is caring to us, Scorpio brings great transformation, Soul- deep relationships are highlighted  during this Moon. Scorpio can help bring things out of the darkness to be healed or released. As always, the universe has your back! 🌕🌕🌕🌕 > >

El Paso, Texas

I started my Reiki journey when I tried every method to heal myself, including sleeping pills, my mom who has been a reiki master for over 20 years, helped me through my process, after that I wanted to get involved in reiki I started reading, doing research. I research to get my levels here in El paso and in Chihuahua Mexico but I didn't like the fact that they would teach the 3 levels on a weekend, (how do you heal yourself in 3 days) I started looking if I could get it with the same person my mom got it in Colombia. I found a number and I called a guy, someone answered but that wasn't Patricia, surprisingly for me he was a reiki master he told me more about himself and that he has been doing reiki for kids with cancer, I really loved that about him and knew that he was going to be my "reiki master". I went to Colombia that year and got my first level. Which is physical, but for me was more emotional. I was crying day and night for about 7 months, after 8 months of getting my first level I went back to Colombia for my second alignments, I was afraid and was coming up with any excuse, "I'm stuck In traffic" "my grandma is sick" " I have to hang with family" but he would wait and wait for me, so one day I thought if I wanted to help other people I need to heal myself. I went scared but excited, I got my alignments and he told me the worse had already happen that now it was transformation and changes, a week later I got invited to go to India. And that was a transformation for me, Change in every way. Emotional change... I'm waiting to go back to get my 4th level.(December) But for now I want to help you through this healing process that it won't be overnight and it won't be easy, but I can assure something is that it will be totally worth it. Book your appointments, Johanna Butler: (915)487-3655 ☎️☎️ > >

The Blue Mule Outfitters El Paso

Don’t forget that every Thursday at 7pm $3yoga & Sound Bath at the @thecanyonsatcimarron, Why do I love it so much? We come together as a community of positive energy, with healing vibrations all around! Come and try it for yourself, see you Thursday! ✨✨✨🌸 Registration starts at 6:30pm. > >

El Paso, Texas

Mantra for this week. Happy Monday! 🌸 You are loved. You are seen. You are important. You are strong. You are courageous. You are resilient. You are a powerful force and gift to this world. 🌸 >

El Paso, Texas

Thank you, Happy mother's to all you beautiful and incredible women. Today is all about you and a day that is all about saying thank you for every little thing you do. 🌸🌻🌼 Bring your mom or yourself (mom) this week get 20% of any service. > >

El Paso, Texas

Restoring your health is a journey. The truth is, everyone grows at different rates and that's absolutely okay! Everything happens in divine and perfect timing and we just have to trust in our growth and believe in ourselves. Remember, life has insightful lessons to teach-learn them your way, at your own pace. Cherish your uniqueness! You have your own set of characteristics, skills, dreams and goals that makes you different from anyone else! Embrace them and don't be embarrassed by who you are and how much time you take to learn something! Believe in your own self and remember that you are capable and worthy- just as much as anyone else, regardless of what you've achieved, regardless of what mistakes you've made. “ Stop thinking you're all doing it all wrong. You're path doesn't look like anybody else's. Because it can't, it shouldn't, and it won't” - Eleanor Brown Remind yourself (on a daily basis) of the little achievements and milestones you've already accomplished and take the time to look back and appreciate  yourself, and all your little victories, be grateful for the successes you have already won, and you shall attract more to you. 🌿

El Paso Texas/Juarez

May 19!! Don't miss out the last full moon ceremony of the summer! Time to close chapters and welcome the new. Gift yourself the opportunity to lay back and completely receive the restorative healing energies of Reiki and the resonating vibrations of drums and Tibetan Singing Bowls, as you begin to free yourself from blockages and launch forward. Book today! A few spots left! Johanna Butler (915)487-3655 ✨✨🌕 > >

The Blue Mule Outfitters El Paso

Come enjoy $3 Yoga and Sound bath meditation under the stars this Thursday and every Thursday at 7! At the @thecanyonsatcimarron, Tibetan bowls, and melodic drums is enough to send anyone into a total trance of tranquility. Class would be guided by register yoga teachers @j0hana_aa @billy3lliot . Bring an open heart and positive intentions to create a comfortable space for healing vibrations. Bring your friends and family! See you Thursday! ✨✨ > >

El Paso, Texas

Summer Special, Try something different by focusing on your entire being; body, mind and soul. Treat yourself with a package that suits you best, offer valid till August 2019. Book your appointment Today. Johanna Butler (915)487-3655 > >

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