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Yoga Teacher. @theunderbellyyoga Author. August & September Classes: DURHAM + TORONTO + BROOKLYN

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I’m so thrilled to be presenting at @wanderlustfest in in Prospect Park on Sept 8!⠀ • ⠀ If you’ve been to a Wanderlust before, then you know that these gatherings are all-out celebrations of the good life. Yoga, meditation, lectures, amazing food and music. Wanderlust will spoil all your senses. • ⠀ I’m excited to join a bill that features @MCYogi, @EmilyStellaFletcher, @DJDrez, @DJSeriousblack, (Ken Nwadike Jr), and so many other amazing teachers, performers and artists who will flip you upside down with wonder. • Seva alert! Bring a gently-used yoga mat to the event and then donate it when you’re finished savasana to the good folks at @YogaFoster, who will have their summer tour bus onsite, collecting mats to repurpose in classrooms across America as part of their mission to make wellness elementary. Let’s let the littles in on the secret of breathing, presence, and compassion, shall we? • ⠀ Make sure you tell all your NYC friends that this all-out celebration is not to be missed. Tickets at , and if you use code JSTANLEYWL19 you’ll score a 10% discount on tickets. ⠀ • ⠀ 👆🤸🏽‍♀️🙏🏼⠀

Y’all been asking where I get my yoga underwear- I’ve sworn by @calvinklein briefs for years bc they stay at my waist and are pretty resilient to damage when it comes to pulling them back up or down. I also love practicing yoga in @torrid underwear bc @torrid knows how to fit a fat bitch in drawers. I know leggings and sports bras are necessary in public classes but I pretty much never wear traditional exercise clothes when I practice yoga/exercise at home. Clothes get in the way of manipulating my flesh and it’s bad enough that I’ve gotta wear them in public. Fighting with clothing can ruin a fucking yoga practice, ya feel me. 2/3- this is the part where my cats crawl on me while I’m lifting. Song is @beyonce ft. @nickiminaj “Flawless (Remix)”

Poses are such a tiny part of this shit. The meat of a yoga practice happens off the mat- it comes up at the intersections of identity, the spaces where we’re forced to reckon with the light and dark inside of ourselves. Yoga poses are just a vehicle to a much bigger reckoning within the self. As my yoga practice has deepened, its become less about glorified gymnastics and more about reckoning with the light and dark inside myself. At this point in my life, physical and spiritual reclamation is a huge part of that. I’m sure that’s a little disconcerting for those who have been sold a different definition of yoga and who come over to my journal looking for posture inspiration- but this page isn’t about the yoga of mass marketing. This is about my yoga and my yoga is messy and complicated and NSFW and vulgar as fuck. My grandma wouldn’t approve and I doubt yours would either. Good thing this shit isn’t for them, huh? Song is “Thunder Thighs” by the homie @yoeaves 1/3- typical yoga flavored warmup

Durham, North Carolina

Learning more about rope as a way to understand the subtle body is new and delicious and I’m not very good at it yet but I’m working on it. I haven’t used these soft cotton ropes much because they get stretched out easily and the material is not ideal for the kind of shenanigans I’m frequently up to but they were absolutely perfect for playing around with my new @_myplusone vibrators and self-tying for the first time. I started following what I’ve practiced but by the time these photos were taken I just started free styling. It was a good day. It’s nice to be able to enjoy my own body. Not just enjoying my body via someone else enjoying my body. Photos by @ashedangerphoenix

My confidence is the direct result of being bullied by spiritually ashy people- thanks to all the haters, this one’s for you. Shout out to @feminist for sharing this video and shout out to the @refinery29 editor who had to watch all these clips of me Hello to everyone who just started following me because of @feminist & @telegraph and anyone else who has showed me love recently. Just so you know, this is a pro black, pro cannabis, pro sex worker ass internet space. If you’re offended by people smoking weed, doing yoga while smoking weed, talking about body politics while using the n word while smoking weed and doing yoga, or sex work in general- you might be offended by something I post at some point in the future. If my spiritual reclamation offends you, know that I send only love in response. But my liberation may offend you, mostly because it’s Not For You.

Durham County, North Carolina

A good orgasm is my favorite form of self-care and a good vibrator can make all the difference. I’m excited to partner with @_myplusone, the first brand to make high quality sexual wellness devices available at mass retailers- legit, their whole line is available at Wal-Mart and everything is under $30! What’s your favorite way to practice self-care? Photo by @ashedangerphoenix

Toronto, Ontario

! I’ll see you next weekend (August 24-25) at @yogatreestudios. Looking forward to being in community with you ✨ Image: @christinelovehewitt

Think of your thighs. Think of how sweaty they get. Think about how painful it can be to wear your favorite coochie cutters. Think of your titties. Think of the lake between your cleavage. I’m thinking of you. I’m thinking of the lake in your titties and the pain of wearing your coochie cutters. I want more for you. Nay, me and @megababe- we both want more for you. So we’re gonna send you a @megababe gift set containing Thigh Rescue Anti-Friction Stick, Rosy Pits Deodorant, Bust Dust Anti-Boob-Sweat Powder, Body Dust Top-To-Toe Powder, & Rosy Pits Deodorant Wipes. To Enter: 1. Follow @mynameisjessamyn & @megababe on IG 2. Comment below with the music that’s providing the soundtrack of your summer That’s it! Last call for entries is 8/16 11:59 EST- May the odds be ever in your favor ❤️❤️💋💋 Also, you can use “JESSAMYN15” at checkout! EDIT- posted this about .0483737 seconds ago and half of y’all are already on here stanning for @lizzobeeating. @lizzobeeating.+ @megababe = EXTREMELY ON BRAND, Stanley.

I’m teaching in TORONTO at @yogatreestudios on August 24th & 25th- find all ticket info in my bio! I’m very excited to get back to Toronto and I’m officially accepting any and all recommendations, especially those in close proximity to @yogatreestudios and/or @hotboxcafe 💨💨 what are your favorite Toronto spots?

And when they do, what do I do? Do I stop moving. Do I whine. Do I wait for someone else to fix it. These are all options but what is the actual solution? There’s only one option, Stanley. It’s the only path forward. Just keep going. Song is @theroots “You Got Me”

Durham County, North Carolina

Today’s the last day to win a @jadeyogamats from @theunderbellyyoga! Cut off is at 11pm PST, details on @theunderbellyyoga- May the odds be ever in your favor 💋❤️🦄🧚🏿‍♀️

Durham, North Carolina

I really feel like @jadeyogamats are the best in the whole world and since the @theunderbellyyoga is celebrating 50K followers we’re giving one away! I love giving away free shit, it is maybe my most favorite thing, probably because my grandma made me watch @oprah basically everyday when I was a kid. Mad love to @jadeyogamats for being down to partner with us- click over to @theunderbellyyoga to win! Photo by @zoelitakerphotography, Leggings by @k.deer

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