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Mike Seehagel

Photographer and Director based in Vancouver, BC and the United States

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Vancouver, British Columbia

Making paints at the beach pt 3

Making paints at the beach pt 2

Jericho Beach

Making paints on the beach pt. 1

Spanish Banks

Last night at the dog park.

VANCES SHACK Autumn ‘19 for @campbrandgoods Talent: @kimbotlay @stephenburchill Styling: @a_rem Additional help: @cydhallz @houlsmovingcastle @gouldgram And a big thanks to @alternafilms and @byronkopman for lending out the Red Gemini, and an even bigger thanks to Vance for the shack.

Dark n’ stormy.

Vance’s Shack.

You’ve got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, know when to walk away, and know when to run. 2019 Heritage Collection for @campbrandgoods

Race to the taste, at a glacial pace.

Ocean motion.

Vancouver, British Columbia

A quick behind the scenes of a recent shoot for el Jimador Tequila with @kiddo_films. To see the final video, follow the link in my profile. Director: @mikeseehagel DP: @byronkopman Executive Producers: @milardo @antleah Producer: @genevievestrachan 1st AD: @stusworld Wardrobe: @zombie__love @katmmccullough Production Designer: @ricocosimms BTS Video: @kaishootsthings

Toronto, Ontario

Back in Raptor city 🏀✨

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