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Jesus follower, Former TV host (I will do interviews on the spot-so get ready!) eclectic home, vintage, thrifter, 👩 Monat Hair⤵️Order here:

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When you cry because you’re afraid of the next step.

Sunburnt and full of joy. Can’t get better then this.

My patriotic bunting will remain up through the weekend. What a great holiday. 💙❤️ 🇺🇸

A Memorial Day weekend is wrapping up. In memory of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Sometimes you work w people who you love and care about your entire life. These are some of those people.

Still smiling as the sun is setting on another day of flooding in Tulsa and surrounding communities. Thankful no one has been killed, the loose barges didn’t breakthrough the dam, the Riverspirit casino hasn’t fallen into the Arkansas River and I’m off for another three days! Happy Memorial weekend everyone as we remember those who gave their Lives for our Freedoms. 🇺🇸

Woke up to sirens at 6am... tornadoes spotted one near downtown Tulsa but all is well now.... Thank you God. 🙏 My plants are hunkered down also-protected from the rain- we’ve been having since yesterday.

The back porch is shaded right now but my front porch is not thus my toes are sunny and I’m reading a book as the 5’o clockers head home.

Have you heard of it in Tulsa? And I’m smiling so big because the rain is gone.

The Pioneer Woman Mercantile

Enjoyed a day trip to @pwmercantile This picture somes up the feel of the charming town. Now it’s time to enjoy lunch at The Mercantile.

I’m smiling in this picture but in all actuality I’m SORE. I started seriously working out again and my body is feeling it. It feels good to sweat and lift weights again. I need to take before and afters-not sure if I’m going to post or not. Ha! I’m headed out to listen to some live music w some friends now. A perfect way to end the weekend. 💛 music

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