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The handmade, the homemade, the artful, the innovative, the practical, and the beautiful. Find recipes and more at the link below:

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When it comes to late-night treats, even @marthastewart can't resist this campfire classic! But s'mores according to Martha are always homemade of course. At her Skylands home in Maine, the evening wasn't complete without this nostalgic trifecta of pillowy homemade marshmallows, golden brown grahams, and bars of rich milk chocolate. Grab Martha’s recipes at the link in bio! 👆🏼 📷: @moll_doll23

@_sarahkersten takes the art of ceramics to whole a new level with her signature Chinese water-lock fermentation jars. To seal in vegetables until they reach their pickle-y peak, the crocks require seamless construction and airtight closure. The potter has spent years refining her liquid-clay recipe and perfecting her foolproof technique. Read more about her craft by picking up our September issue out on newsstands or by visiting the link in bio. 👆🏼📷: @paolaandmurray | styled by: Tanya Graff

Hint: It has nothing to do with cooking. 👀 “This practice is so crucial to kitchen success, in fact, that it's often the first thing that culinary students learn in their formal training. In terms of baking, it's a technique that will help lead you towards success.” Think you have the answer? Leave them in the comments below and find out if you’re right by learning more at the link in bio!👆🏼

With all the richness of a traditional potato gratin, this cauliflower rendition is just as satisfying and healthier to boot. Grab the full recipe at the link in bio!👆🏼

Start off this week with ! There's nothing easier to prep than a batch of colorful steamed vegetables. Set a steamer basket inside a pot of water and bring to a boil. Working in batches, and refilling pot with water as needed, steam vegetables until crisp-tender, 3 to 5 minutes for broccolini; 4 to 5 minutes for asparagus, squash, and zucchini; 5 to 6 minutes for carrots; and 15 to 20 minutes for beets. Season with salt, drizzle with oil, and squeeze with lemon. Grab the full recipe at the link in bio! 👆🏼📷: @johnny_miller_

Let these puppy eyes put a smile on your Monday. 🐶 "Creme Brûlée, Emperor Han, Bete Noir and Empress Qin hanging out on the BBQ ledge by the back door at Skylands. They love posing for photos." - Martha via 📷: @marthastewart48

Add Martha Stewart crafts at @michaelsstores to your back-to-school shopping list! @thecraftedlife used Martha’s craft paint and stencils to create colorful designs on a leather backpack and pouch. Learn how these designs came to life at the link in bio! 👆🏼

Sure fall is around the corner, but that doesn’t mean we’re not soaking up every last bit of summer. ☀️ And this seaside home in Long Island Sound is the perfect breezy retreat for savoring summer’s remaining rays. The restored home, located right on the edge of Long Island Sound on Rowayton’s Bell Island, is clad in gray wood shingles, echoing the neighboring ones built when this town was still an oystering village. And from those northeast-facing windows, the family is able to take in some knockout sunrises. Take a full tour of this seaside home at the link in bio. 👆🏼📷: @nicole_franzen | styled by: @jaysonhome

A Sunday afternoon in good company. 🌵 We've rounded up some of the best tips on extending the life of your house plants - from optimizing your light for your unfurling Monsteras to recognizing the signs of a thirsty plant (soil moisture is the best indicator for knowing when to give your plants a good drink). Visit the link in bio to learn more on being a better plant parent to your fronds at home. 👆🏼illustration by: @steph_angelis

A classic hummus dip is a must-have for any gathering! Grab culinary director @tojo827’s recipe below + take a screenshot to save and share! 🤳🏼 📋: Served with purple radishes + Persian cucumbers + feta + flatbread -> quick and rich hummus recipe -> 1 can chickpeas (drained and rinsed) + juice of 1 lemon > 1-2 tbs tahini + 1 tiny clove of garlic + 1-2 tbs water + salt + pepper -> purée in food processor -> with processor running, gradually add 1/3-1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil

This creamy raspberry dessert takes just 30 minutes to put together (and 2 hours to chill)! Delight guests at your next cookout with this pretty in pink treat. Grab the full recipe at the link in bio! 👆🏼

Classic sugar cookies take baking back to basics. But in their simplicity lies their perfection: It's hard to beat the delicate flavor of cookies with only the most elemental of ingredients. In @marthastewart48’s newest cookbook "Cookie Perfection," she veered from tradition a little by adding sour cream for softness and candied citrus for zest! Grab the recipe featured in our September issue at the link in bio. 📷: @lennartweibull

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