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Martellus Bennett

Father and Husband. Multidisciplinary World Builder @theimaginationagency Storytelling Studio.

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A lot of y’all think you know a lot about football but aren’t truly educated on the subject the way that you should be. But here’s an opportunity to prove me wrong. Test your football knowledge and earn a football-watching certificate without having to put down your Dos Equis.

My book “Dear Black Boy” is out. Cop that and promote it the way y’all promoting them damn chicken sammiches from Popeyes. Fill the youths mind with delicious inspiration. Link in my bio.

Everybody: Marty you miss football? ME:

I’m the only one sweating in the family photos because one I sweat easily two I carried Jett thru a dark slippery cave. Haha.

Mommy. Daughter. Dip.

My light at the end of every dark tunnel.

There’s oceans in the sky.

I love you!!

Favorite Bedtime Tv Show. Monk. Actually I watch it all day. Lol. Goodnight.

Very @gq Jett doing donuts in the boat.

Bennett Family. Barbados 2019.

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