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• Nike Master Trainer • Fitness Consultant • Founder of PURE • Life is Dynamic...Train for it • Free workout, email me 👇🏼

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Portland, Oregon

are no joke💪🏻! They’re a badass way to work the whole body!!! Try these drills & let me know how they worked for you! . . 3 rounds of 30 seconds each 1. Singles 2. Single arm slam w S/B lunge 3. Rainbows 4. Side plank w S/A slam

Sri Lanka

As I reflect on the past 3 months I’m beyond grateful for the experience I had in . Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been depressed, unmotivated, & unsettled. I woke up most days not knowing what’s going to happen but could always count on a door closing in my face. . Having your life turned upside down & striped out from underneath you, puts lots into perspective. Coming back to the States was out of our control & a decision made without our say, but nonetheless one that came from a good place. . While I felt angry, stressed & emotional, I wouldn’t change anything. I’m a different person, I’ve grown even more, realized more about my resilience & ability to adapt to change. If there’s one thing we can count on I life, it’s that change will happen. It’s up to us on how we process & handle that change. . I love the person I became in Sri Lanka, love the experiences & the people that have impacted me in ways I’ll never be able to articulate. The abundance of love I have for the country & the people is beyond words.✨💕 . .0

Koggala, Sri Lanka

Soaking up the last moments of my paradise🌴✨ Plus I don’t have to pay $11 for freaking coconut water😤

This is a big ass glass of wine, haha don’t worry I won’t drink it all....or will I?!🤷🏻‍♀️ . Enjoy your weekends with your peeps & live your life, it’s too short not to! . I want to hear how you guys live your lives to the fullest.

In the mist of my crazy journey, where I have zero stability, I’m beyond stressed out & walls just keep popping up at every turn, I’ve got to find time for myself. . . Self care is extremely important for balance & giving energy back to you. Believe me it’s much easier to look at all the negative but there’s always more positive if you sit with yourself in silence & allow your intuition come forward. . . The light at the end of the tunnel is always within you, now I just need to allow myself to let stillness into my daily routine.

Angel's Rest

When I was living in Sri Lanka I kept telling myself once I’m back in I will do more of the things I’ve always loved. Hiking in the Gorge is top on that list. Being able to do this with new family I received in Sri Lanka made me the happiest🤗🙌🏻 . . Thank you @pereraeranga for capturing our moments!

Pearl District Downtown Portland

Today was a beautiful day spending time with people I’ve come to love so much!

Happy Friday friends! Here’s a good workout for ya! I like to start with this circuit followed by a finisher & core circuit. . . Do 3 rounds of each drill ▪️Deadlifts 3x8 heavy ▪️D-Ball cleans 3x6 heavy ▪️Single arm push jerk 3x6each side ▪️KB Swings 3x10 heavy ▪️Plank banded pulls 3x12 each side Have fun💪🏻👊🏻

to the days when my heart was full, my laughs were loud & I had peeps around me who inspire & motivate me every damn day✨👊🏻 . . Even though I don’t see these guys as much as I did, I couldn’t be more proud of them & all their success. I have much love for all of you😘

Oh hey team💪🏻!! Being a trainer, fitness consultant & everything in between has brought such joy, love & proudness into my life. . . I always knew I wanted to help people in some way for the good, help them realize their own strength, confidence, beauty & all around their badass self✨ . . I never expected that doing this career would bring all the goodness in my life, all the wonderful people who have impacted me, helped me grow into the person I am today (which let’s be honest I’m still doing every day)🤗. . . I’m beyond grateful for all of you that allowed me to be a part of your journey, big or small, from the bottom of my heart thank you! love you all💕.

If you asked my 17yr old self what I thought my future would be, I would’ve never imagined the life I’ve lived. . . I’ve traveled to over 32 countries, lived aboard, met people around the world who have impacted me on levels I never knew I could get to. . . Life is a funny thing, just when I start to think I have it figured out, it throws a curve ball my way. Adding up all my experiences, hardships, failures & successes, I know that it’s preparing me for all the other curve balls to come. . . I feel blessed to have the life I have & for everyone in it. We don’t have to do this ride alone, you just have to find your peeps & be open✨

When you have limited to no equipment, one of the best ways to build strength is time under tension💪🏻 . . Do an eccentric push up hold for 20 seconds then recover for 15seconds. Repeat for a total of 4 rounds👊🏻 . . Believe me you’ll be sore!

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