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Let’s create a safer America. Text CHANGE to 954-954 to join the movement.

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We asked you why you supported our Peace Plan for a Safer America, & you answered. This is the most audacious, comprehensive plan to combat gun violence ever proposed. Your support of it reflects an America that is & has been ready for change. We’re gonna win this - together.

Introducing: A Peace Plan for a Safer America. Created by survivors, so you don’t have to be one. For too long survivors and those living with the trauma of gun violence have looked to politicians to solve this epidemic. We have grasped at nothingness, waiting for someone in power to have a plan that would address the root causes of the problem - not just serve as a bandaid until the next tragedy happens. We’re done waiting. We are proud to set forth the boldest and best proposal to end gun violence in American history. Nearly two years ago, we created this organization out of crisis. But since then, thousands of people have had their lives stolen by gun violence. Not just in schools - but on the streets of systematically under-resourced communities of color, in homes, in places of worship, and recently, on our border due to white nationalist terrorism in El Paso, TX. No amount of thoughts and prayers can hide that we've reached a tipping point. We will live or die by the consequences of how we respond to this crisis at this particular moment. Our plan is not just anti-injustice or non-violent - it is pro-justice and pro-peace. We need a cultural change that moves against the glorification of violence, not just a legalistic one. You can disagree with the young people. But you can’t say that we didn't come prepared. The NRA and the opposition wants to make the American public (and responsible gun owners themselves) believe that the problem can be solved with more guns, more violence, and more divisiveness. But we don't believe that. That's not representative of the future our generation is creating. We are working to make sure that ours is the last generation that grows up with the constant threat of being shot - and we’ll accept nothing less. Check out the link in our bio to read the full plan. You’ll want to, trust us.

Although 3 days of organizing, training, and coalition building has come to a close, attendees of have left with valuable lessons to apply to their communities. When we come together, we thrive.

This summer, we’re gathering young people across the country for our first ever youth-summit. Attendees will get to truly explore their change-making potential through 3 days of training workshops, community engagement seminars, coalition building, and more. We’re ready to make use of our voice, our future, and most importantly, OurPower.

Yesterday we saw another example of a failure of moral leadership. Legislation to help curb gun violence in Virginia did not even get a vote, with Speaker Cox and Senator Tommy Norment working behind the scenes to rig the system to close the legislative session almost as soon as it began. This is an insult to the coalition of activists that stood outside rallying; it was an insult to Virginians that want common-sense gun safety laws; it was an insult to the survivors and victims we continue to lose daily. We will remember their failure to act the next time they offer hollow and meaningless “thoughts and prayers.” In the meantime we will not stop fighting. And in the fall, we will be voting in the 2019 Virginia House of Delegates election.

This Independence Day, we want to remind everyone that none of us are free until we’re all free from gun violence’s destructive impact on our communities. According to @giffordscourage Law Center, homicide rates are up to 10 times higher in New Orleans, Detroit, and Baltimore than the US national average, a rate that PEAKS in the summer. Two years ago in Chicago, more than 100 lives were lost over the Fourth of July weekend — this past weekend alone, 56 people were shot. Gun violence is an epidemic, and one that disproportionately affects certain communities. Have a safe holiday – regardless of where you are – and keep fighting for a future where all of our communities are safe.

Gun violence prevention was a top issue last night at the second debate – and it better stay that way throughout the rest of the election. Gun violence prevention an issue no candidate can afford to ignore, at least not if they want to get the votes of young people. We’re all ears, and looking forward to hearing concrete, actionable plans from every candidate, and voting for the person with the best plan to save lives. . . . .

Our @mfolgeorgia family registered voters in our NEW pride shirt!!! Check out our merch link to pick one up for yourself!! 💅🌈

Last night's showed that Democrats get it – finally, gun violence prevention is the big issue it needs to be. This is a public health epidemic that that affects all communities – of color, faith, and income. We can't wait for whomever will be in the White House on January 21, 2021 to take action. The U.S. Senate can and should vote today on existing legislation that would save thousands of lives. We should ask why they haven't. At tonight's debate, let's hope both candidates and moderators continue to put gun violence prevention on center stage. Young people will not vote for any candidate who doesn’t have a clear, legitimate plan to end this epidemic. Our communities deserve nothing less. . . .

We’re proud to have so many LGBTQ+ people in our organization, from leadership to chapter members around the country. Queer young people are gonna end gun violence 🌈💜✨

Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church

Four years ago today, an act of violence was committed in a historic place of Worship. 9 individuals were ruthlessly murdered during bible study. No American, regardless of race, religion, or identity should fear for their safety. Our time in the Mother Emmanuel community will always have a special place in our hearts. We will forever remember them, and act in their name.

It’s month BABY🏳️‍🌈!! There is a huge intersection between the LGBTQ+ community and the work here at MFOL. Through our Pride T-shirts (swipe; art by @iris_and_quill), we will be donating $2,500 to the @trevorproject, an organization that provides a national 24-hour, toll free confidential suicide hotline for queer youth. Cheers to the queers ✨🌈

Orlando, Florida

Last summer, during our Road To Change stop in Orlando we had a chance to visit the memorial with @brandonjwolf . Today, marks three years since that horrid day. We stand by the LGBTQ+ community. We will continue to fight and . We will not let hate win.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Alliance building is key to ending gun violence in every community. Thank you, @1hoodmedia and @lifecampinc for continuing the conversation with us.

Our high school tour started in New Orleans at Benjamin Franklin HS. Seniors have grown up with school shootings as commonplace, with active shooter drills at school and talks from scared parents at home. Here's what it's like growing up as part of . The threat of an active shooter has become so normalized that it’s just another part of our lives. The other day I was talking to my friend and we were going over all the places we’d hide if there was a shooting. We were dying our Easter eggs at the time. - Analina Barnes, 17 . Whenever I hear the bell ring at the beginning or the end of class, I’m reminded that that same sound could also be a warning of imminent danger. - Emma Cho, 17 . I remember being in middle school and them nicknaming potential shooters Mr. Orange or Mrs. Orange, being that young we didn’t always take it seriously, we’ve had to mature alongside gun violence. - Yehuda Potasha, 17 . After the parkland shooting, my parents sat me down. I’ve never heard them speak to me the way they did that day. They told me that 5 textbooks could stop a bullet. Just knowing that they were this afraid for me, shook me. I woke up that day. - Allison Lee, 17

As our politicians refuse to act, kids are taking on the burden of learning how to avoid active shooter situations. Kids as young as 4 or 5 learn how to hide, and the lessons get more vivid as we get older. We are . Watch the full film, link in our bio.

Hi! My name is Nza-Ari Khepra, and I’m a Co-Founder of Wear Orange and Project Orange Tree! Like many people, my involvement in the gun violence prevention movement started with an extreme tragedy at a unnecessarily young age. In 2013, one of my friends, Hadiya Pendleton, was murdered in a senseless shooting minutes away from our high school. Our community was devastated. Hadiya was only 15 years old and she was a positive light that continued to burn brighter each day. In response to Chicago’s violent state, a group of Chicago high schoolers and I founded a structural violence awareness organization called Project Orange Tree, which later inspired Wear Orange. Over the years, Project Orange Tree and Wear Orange have receive many accolades ranging from millions of people showing support virtually to historic support from President Obama. Still, the highest accomplishment this activism can receive, the reason this work means so much to me, is knowing that our young people across America’s bright lights and smiles are protected from the same tragedies so many of us have been forced to battle with.

Capitol Hill

Don’t let your senator be complacent. Call 1-866-368-5630 to urge your senator to pass S. 42, the universal background checks bill.

United States Capitol

Back in the birthplace of where we all came together, but this time, with our @MFOLDC chapter. We will end gun violence together. 🧡

Pennsylvania Avenue

One year ago, we launched our revolution on the streets of America by holding the single largest protest against gun violence in history. Young people from every walk of life were energized around one common idea: we shouldn’t have to fear for our lives because our current leadership is immoral. We can be the leadership that this country needs, instead. One year later, hundreds of chapters have launched across our country, and young people are breaking new ground on eradicating gun violence. We’re having life saving conversations in America for the first time. Join us this year by being the change: organize a MFOL chapter in your community by visiting We are winning, and we want you to be a part of it.

We aren’t only the future, we’re creating a future. Believe in, invest in, and empower young people. Photo from: @ocefoundation

‪The gun violence epidemic in America has reached every aspect of public life.‬ ‪Today, the house will vote on Universal Background Check Bill HR8. ‬Congress can finally put .‬ Help us save lives & ‬call 1-844-846-8344‬ to demand YES on HR8.

Last year, we marched. Last November, we voted. Now, we fight. The mission of MFOL is not another march, but to create a force of change across the nation and the world. Visit our website to find a chapter near you! Together we will continue to mobilize, organize, and win.

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