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Modern day wise woman. New York Times best-selling author. Creator/owner of Yogalosophy Click link in bio to download my digital workout.

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For my back to school parents.... Lotta Wednesday wisdom. Also good for the parents!

Juicy Tuesday. You are not toxic. You don’t need to ‘detox’. Your body is constantly adjusting and adapting; you are not dirty so you don’t need a ‘cleanse’ Consistent, manageable habits are best for optimal health. Green juice is yummy and refreshing. I incorporate it regularly into my diet for that reason. Yoga juice 🥤

Hey Sunday! I rarely expose my midsection because it’s not my strength. Even when I was too skinny: 30 lbs less than this, I envied the flat bellied girl’s for their naturally sinewy midriffs. When I got too heavy: 20 lbs more than this, I learned to love my belly, as is. Still, vanity has me much more leg centric. So I wanted to share with you as a gesture to the fact that we all have our preferences and sometimes it serves to highlight and appreciate the places where we are less confident. Here’s the truth: I love my body as is. 20 lbs lighter, 20 lbs heavier and everything in between. See if you can stretch yourself to appreciate the less celebrated parts of you. The more we expose our vulnerabilities, the more connected we will feel. 💋🙌🏽♥️

Soho House West Hollywood

Celebrating the beautiful @javieraestradaartist at the unveiling of her mural at @sohohouselosangeles @sohohouse lotta red in the house.

baby mandy and baby ricki 😍

You are the party. You don’t have to chase it.

Santa Monica, California

Be new to every situation and relationship today. What might you discover if you arrive into this present moment? Open. Alive. Receptive. Giving simply by being. In the temporary world,the only moment is now. In the eternal world, the only time is now.

“When in doubt, pedal it out” A little pre-spin stretch. Half moon pose as we head toward a Thursday full moon. Buckle up, kids. Stay sharp. And animal print tights never hurt. Cardio plus yoga equals love. You may know me as a yoga instructor, but I actually started as a spinning instructor. I was Best of LA in Los Angeles Magazine in 1998. There was more soul in my cycle than you can imagine and I packed those classes out 24 hrs in advance waaaay back then. In the spinning dinosaur days. Still my favorite form of exercise.

Lazy, leggy and lounging around. (one)

Sundays are for taking good care of yourself. Let me be your companion with Yogalosophy. Click link in bio for access to my downloadable hybrid yoga workout. Or find my books, which are more holistic. Your creativity and your physical body are intertwined. Join me in that exploration. ♥️💪🏼👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

How come I never run into anyone wearing a t-shirt with a cartoon image of my likeness on it?

Friday feels. Allowing the day to unfold, fearlessly and feeling my feelings. Do you allow yourself time and space to tune in to what you feel? Do you have self-compassion? It took some work, some routine, some healthy habits, some sharing, some flexibility and allowing something random to have an effect on me. But I came to something deep and real. We may never arrive to complete enlightenment, but like the layers of the onion, we can discover more and more. Pay attention to yourself. Give yourself the patience required. Feel it all. 💙💙💙💙 Then make something with it.

One more. Me and my dad, about 30 years ago. Thinking of him/honoring him on his death day 8/8, 15 years ago. Time flies!

Throwing it back to typical LA days in the ‘70’s in my house with my dad, Lloyd Ingber on 8-8, his death day (15 yrs ago). One of a kind. ☀️my daddy

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