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Rapper until I find a real job.

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My really really really small gang. 📸 @jamilnotjamal

This kind of love is all I’ll ever need. ❤️ 📸 @jamilnotjamal

Oh hey birthday girl. @littlemisscali ❤️

Somebody think they Beyonce’ or sumn....... Welp, the day of your birthday party is finally here & the reality of me not having a baby anymore is really setting in :( My big girl is so beautiful & independent now “it just don’t make no damn sense” (everybody auntie voice) lmaooooo. Anyway, everybody enjoy their Saturday..... we’re off to live our absolute best life at a 9 year old’s bday celebration 🤘🏾 [Oh’ & part of her bday wishes were that “I, her Dad get her a blue check on her page... & that YOU, all of our Insta-Family FOLLOW her @littlemisscali NOW & wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY” !!!!!! (OH OH OH, & the nail polish comes OFF Sunday night before school !!!! That was a bday gift 🙄😩😡 📸 Daddy

Oh hey, good morning twin lol... Sometime’s it’s like I don’t even remember what my life was like before you. I woke up today with a 9 year old daughter & was at a loss for words up until I start looking at these pictures. Happy Birthday to the love of my life !!!!!!!!!! I can remember when it was just your two brothers.... I was a great father, but still lacked a certain gentleness needed to push through... Young, misguided & just out here doing whatever not truly caring about the consequences. Then you were born & my entire life changed. I felt different, my heart had color & all of a sudden everything mattered to me. It was YOU... the missing piece I had not known would come along & make me a better man FOREVER. You get all the praise baby girl. All the credit for making your daddy everything he is today. Lord knows where I’d be without your love. I use it for strength, I use it for stability & every time I almost end up making a mistake, I hear your little voice saying “Daaaaaaady” & it immediately turns me around. The last 9 years of my life has been the most beautiful time. All that you are is everything I asked God for upon your arrival. Smart, beautiful, happy, fun & overall just a beacon of light for your brothers, mom, I & anyone you cross paths with. I am so proud of the little lady you’ve become but I really miss my little little little baby sometimes :( You know the one that needed my help for everything. So Big & independent these days.... Man, time does really fly. But although, you’re getting older & learning how to do things on your own... whenever you need Daddy for ANYTHING, I will be there before you can even think to ask. I love you with all my heart @littlemisscali & I’m happy God gave me YOU..... I got you FOREVER & Happy 9th Birthday, sincerely.... your biggest fan - Dad

My twin, aka Daddy’s dream ain’t even a baby no more 😫😫😫😫 lmaoooo 🤒

Always remember, you have the right to choose your happiness in all areas in life. You do not have to accept negative energy nor the people who carry it. You cannot blame others for re-occurring mishaps in your life. Take ownership of your energy & all that surrounds it. Keep your eyes open, your mind sound & understand that every new day you rise is a blessing in itself. As soon as I woke this morning, I thanked the higher power for another opportunity to be great & now it’s time for me to continue my mission. What will you accomplish today ? How much closer to your goals will you get ??? These are questions to be asked & answered by YOU at days end.... 🙏🏾🏁

@lax_autospa came thru & detailed the fuck out the Lambo just now.... 💦💦💦 good fuckin lookin 🙏🏾

ATTENTION ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️Me & @caffeine are starting our 1st ever Draft League on only in an hour & a 1/2 for any ACTIVE Madden players !!! The 2 finalists will be flown to Los Angeles & play the Super Bowl on @itsgametimelive with me & @nicknpattiwhack_ shit talking !!!! The winner of the season 1 Super Bowl will WIN $5,000 cash, a brand new Xbox & a bunch of @caffeine gear etc 😱😱😱 ‼️‼️ There are 32 teams & only 10 spots left... I will invite the 1st 10 users who are online now that message me on my Gamertag “The Game TMC” NOW.... you must be available to draft in an hour & able to play 2 games a day or you will be booted from the league & replaced immediately !!!!!!! [ALL USERS MUST DOWNLOAD THE @caffeine APP ON YOUR SMART PHONES & FOLLOW:THEGAME ON THE APP] !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Up early thinkin bout you.... Happy 34th Birthday bro. The world misses you 🏁

Sometimes my mind wanders. This normally happens when u smoke before you workout lmaoooo

Played the album for the @applemusic team & let’s just say... they know what it is. It was a party in that building...... dropping October !!!! @jonathanmannion it’s time !!! 👀

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