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Linda Clayton Hicks

sketcher, painter, teacher, art history fan

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Melting ice but still skating. Bryant Park in November skating beginner

Waiting,waiting,so draw! # quickdraw

For Project Hope draw

Catchup at Taste MFA. sketchbook sketching drawing

Porchfest Belmont Ma. sketching sketchbook

Reading The Soul of America of America draw at home

Along the Charles sketching. sketchbook book markers Graphic 1 draw drawing River

Making Calls. sketchbook Book. sketching markers Graphic 1

Waiting waiting. sketching

Joe reading The Frozen Hours . graphic 1 markers

Waiting for the ear doctor. sketching drawing sketchbook

Waiting for a ride sketching. sketchbook.

Deciding at Trader Joe’s sketchbook sketching. drawing markers graphic 1 Joe’s

Waiting for the doctor sketchbook sketch. markers graphic 1 sketching

Catching up at Panera markers Graphic1 drawing sketching sketchbook

English Turkish