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Travel Photographer | Speaker | Toyota 4x4 Ambassador Also @johanlolos | @lolosjohan Stories over bangers. Book: Peaks of Europe

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Sandwich Harbour 4x4

Today is my last day in Africa after an incredible 7-week self-drive road trip around 5 countries. I'm bringing back home with me 800GB / 19,000 images (out of at least 50,000 taken) and I'm going to go through those over the next few weeks in order to make a final selection of the 100-200 very best. Poor internet access in Namibia / Botswana, coupled with full busy days spent driving, photographing and planning, all kept me away from sharing here on a regular basis. This is all going to change soon, and you can expect fresh content on the African land, wildlife and people posted here and on both @johanlolos and @lolosjohan (my account dedicated to help people plan their travels and photo trips) very soon, so keep an eye on those accounts too. Although I'm sad to leave this continent, I'm also very excited for the hours of office and editing work coming up, especially when I know it hopefully won't be too long until I return to this part of the world, with some new exciting projects. What are you most interested about? Landscapes of Africa? Portraiture photography? Wildlife? Looking forward to hearing your feedback :) Thanks for following along over the last 2 months, and a huge thanks to @toyota_sa and to my longtime partner @toyota.europe for making this trip happen. Very proud to be part of the Toyota family as a 4x4 Ambassador. It was insane driving the LandCruiser here in Africa. A dream of mine for ages finally became reality. Shot on @lexarmemory.


After last year's flight above Sossusvlei dunes at sunset, I couldn't help myself but fly this time at sunrise. This group of dunes is called Devil's Grip by the local heli pilots. Not hard to know why. I have so many photos to share with you from that flight that I think I could start a new account exclusively dedicated to that place, a favorite of mine!

Phinda Private Game Reserve

From a beautiful afternoon where we spent one hour watching this young leopard at @andbeyondphinda in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. We sure felt very lucky that day! Leave a comment below if you too have yawned seing this series 😄 @andbeyondtravel Shot on @lexarmemory.

South Africa

|| Brothers || Our trip in Africa has been a dream so far, and we’re only at the half of it. We arrived in Namibia a week ago and the amount of photos I saved on my hard drive exceeded my expectations by far. With the days here spent photographing, driving, planing, getting some rest and photographing again, there’s almost no time to edit the photos, not to mention the almost inexistant internet access outside of the cities. But somehow I managed to go through some photos taken earlier this month in South Africa, and found a decent WiFi to upload this one for you. More photos coming up this way very soon. Get ready for some desert landscapes and lots of wildlife. What’s your favorite African animal? Let’s see if I can provide that for you 😄

Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve

About to enter Namibia after almost 3 weeks spent in South Africa, Swaziland (eSwatini) and Lesotho. Probably going to be offline most of the next month or so, but will try to update this page and my stories as much as I can. Namibia, we’re coming from you! Stoked for my 3rd visit in the pearl of Africa.

Phinda Private Game Reserve

Memories from a beautiful morning at Phinda, watching the sunrise over the reserve. Shot on . For this photo I took advantage of the 10x hybrid zoom (equivalent 270mm) to compress the background and enhance what we saw that morning. . Swipe left to understand how powerful is the zoom. The second image was taken from the same point of view, 15 minutes before the first image, using the wide angle lens of the @huaweimobilefr P30 Pro (equivalent 16mm).

Ngala Private Game Reserve

The white lions of Timbavati. . Indigenous to this region of South Africa, white lions are extremely rare, especially in the wild. According to the Global White Lion Protection Trust, there are less than 15 individuals in the wild, while there would be around 300 white lions in total counting those born and bred in farms or zoo’s around the world. . During my recent stay at @andbeyondngala in the Timbavati, next to Kruger National Park, I had the chance to see two white lion cubs within the same pride! You’re right, two of these little beauties playing together. The oldest is 9-month old while the youngest is just 3-month old. According to our guide, the last time there were 2 white lion cubs within a same pride in the wild was in 1979. . If you want to know more about the white lions and why they’re so rare, I invite you to visit the Global White Lion Protection Trust website or read this article of Travel+Leisure about the newest white cubs born in Ngala on Tons of interesting information about them, about their recessive gene that makes their hair white and why they aren’t classified as endangered species and officially protected. . A huge thanks to @andbeyondtravel for these incredible memories. I truly hope there will be many more with those white lions in the coming years.

Panorama Route, South Africa

Hello Africa! . Two weeks ago, @delphinepolson and I arrived in Johannesburg, 🇿🇦 to start a 7-week road trip around Southern African countries. Along with a mighty fully equipped Toyota Land Cruiser 76 made for the African roads, that we named The Ratel after the invincible honey badger, we’re driving from place to place with not much plan ahead of us apart from discovering as much as we can from the land, the people and the wildlife of this part of the continent. With a minimum of 7 borders to cross, there’s sure plenty to see and not enough time to see it all, but that’s ok. This is my third time in this part of the world, Delphine’s first, and we both already know that there be will many more to come. . We’re here with @toyota.europe and the support of @toyota_sa and we’re so excited for this trip that has been in our minds for years and years. . Make sure to follow along my Stories as I’ve started sharing more insights and on-the-go content taken during the last couple of weeks.

Chamonix, France

In September 2017, during my tour, I remember starring at mountaineers from the top of Aiguille du Midi in Chamonix, France, thinking that one day I’ll be one of these guys as well. The folks at @actionoutdoors saw my IG post about my wish and contacted me about a year later to invite me to a mountaineering introduction 5-day course... in Chamonix! Needless to say I was all in and obviously accepted their invitation. This is how, two weeks ago, I found myself at @ucpa | @ucpachamonix to start my new journey as a mountaineer. Despite my experience and love for hiking in the mountains and having walked with crampons a few times before, I knew nothing else about mountaineering. This first series is all about our 3 first days spent in and around Chamonix, where with a small group of 6 people and a licensed mountain guide, I learnt everything about rock climbing, walking on snow, on ice and as a roped party, all with the right necessary gear. Absolute great memories! I’ll soon share the second series of this journey, about our 2-day ascent to Tête Blanche, a 3,400m+ alpine summit on the France/Switzerland border. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

Infiniment Charentes

Second and last set of photos taken a couple of weeks ago on assignment for Tourism Charentes, in France. From Oléron to Angoulême via Cognac, we followed the Charente river and enjoyed the slow paced life in some of France’s most beautiful villages like Brouage or Mornac-sur-Seudre. On our last day, we eventually ended up our trip in La Rochelle, a city I remember having visited with my parents when I was a child. For the last sunset of the trip, I spotted some nice sea cliffs with direct view on Île de Ré and its insane bridge connecting the island to the mainland. I hope you’ll like this set full of positive vibes :) Summer is fast approaching in this part of the world! Shot for @infinimentcharentes

Île d'Oléron

Back from a week spent shooting on assignment for Tourism Charentes, a region of France that I had always wanted to visit, and more specifically Oléron island, the country’s biggest island off the French Atlantic coast. Here’s a series taken over my first day on that beautiful and wild island, where the locals seem to live a slow and peaceful life mainly made of surfing, fishing, sailing and crafting. Shot for @infinimentcharentes & @marennesoleron


Since I've received my new , many of you have asked to see some photos taken with the phone. I have been honestly impressed with the overall quality of the images it produces but what impresses me the most is the powerful zoom and incredible focal range the phone has. From ultra wide angle, 0.6x equivalent to 16mm, up to 50x on digital zoom, equivalent 1343mm. Here is a couple of shots recently taken in India using the wide angle lens of the phone, allowing me to capture any scenes whatever the space behind me. Honestly loving that feature. Any question you guys might have about that smartphone, just shoot. @huaweimobilefr

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