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Australia’s First Professional Instagrammer 🦄💜 📧: Our next @TheTravelBootcamp IS LIVE! Second Intake on sale now 👇🏻

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Lake Kariba

Hi, did you miss me? What’s it been, three days? Haha. I’m doing a free for all “question time” over on my Instagram Story if anyone has any questions for me? I’ve just had so much going on over the last year, it’s been a formative year for me! So, hit me up if you want to know ANYTHING!

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

I’m the first person to tell you that my career as a professional instagrammer is NOT always rainbows and unicorns. 🙅🏼‍♀️🌈🦄😂 Despite the fact that I built this career on my passions (travel, Instagram & photography), I definitely didn’t sign up for accounting, using spreadsheets and managing KPI’s. (That stands for Key Performance Indicators, a metric that clients use to gauge the success of a campaign.) So, let’s talk about money! 💸💰💵 So many creators are super quick to jump into travel and tourism work without expecting payment. They justify it by saying that travel is their passion, and the value of the trip is worth the work entailed. Usually they don’t realise that this career does involve a whole bunch of things that might not be your passion, like accounting and spreadsheets. 🤓😤 So when it comes to pricing yourself in the market, whether you have 1,000 followers or 100,000 followers, you do have to factor in the value of the work overall. Not just the awesome travel stuff. We talk openly about money and pricing at the @TheTravelBootcamp , including how much creators are charging and what we personally earn (through which income streams). 😱 Our second intake is now open, link in bio. . . . . .

Bumi Hills Foundation

Today is World Elephant Day, and an opportunity for me to join the conversation about elephant riding with @IntrepidTravel . Not a lot of people know this, but Intrepid were the first global travel company to ban elephant rides, back in 2014. I learned this, and more, when I worked with Intrepid in India in 2015. And I’ve obviously educated myself well when it comes to understanding the use of elephants in tourism. I’ve spent time with elephant researchers in South East Asia, and learned a lot about elephant poaching and human/ wildlife conflict in Southern Africa. Elephants have become a sort of passion project for me. For this reason I’m really happy to be sharing some of my thoughts with you today. So that I can play a part in spreading a wave of information on the cruelty of elephant riding. Please see my Instagram Story for more context and information, including my own history of riding. We can only change with love and kindness. Have compassion for those that have ridden without knowing better, have patience to teach others, arm yourself with knowledge and put your money where your mouth is! Support operators that visit elephants in the wild. ❤️🐘 . . . . .

Horse Head Rock

[Competition Announcement!] If you cant be bothered to read to the end of this post (because I do waffle on), then all photographers just go and check out the link in my bio and enter The Nature Conservancy’s 2019 Photo Contest! For those that actually read my rambling captions, here’s some context. A few years ago I first came across the incredible work of The Nature Conservancy when I promoted their annual photography contest. This year I have the opportunity again. It’s a free entry and there’s $20,000 worth of prizes on offer, which you can read about on the site. < Link in bio > It’s a global contest and you can enter shots from any country in the world, in five categories; landscape, people and nature, water, wildlife and cities and nature. There are also unlimited entries. All of the contest rules, information about judging and a simple entry form are on the site. For all of my photography friends on here, you understand how much the natural world inspires us all? The work of The Nature Conservancy is helping to preserve that natural world. What a cause. Good luck! @nature_aus . . . . .

Chiang Mai, Thailand

I can’t believe it’s my last Thailand post already! Although, I’ve actually enjoyed sharing some galleries for a change, has anyone been scrolling through them? It seriously takes me so long to try new things! 😂😂 I wanted to remind you to check out Expedia’s Thailand site that’s linked in my bio if you want to know more about the destination. I’m actually writing a guest blog post on Thailand next week! 😱 Anyway, here are a few final shots of something else I love about Thailand - as much as the food - the people! They don’t call it the land of smiles for no reason, thai people are warm and lovely! Read more about the shots 👇🏻@TourismThailand @ExpediaAu . Shot 1: a young boy from Baan Muang Pam, a Buddhist Karen Village. Villages here still live a traditional way. . Shot 2: a young girl from the Black Lahu Village of Baan Jabo. Despite the traditional lifestyle, smart phones are prevalent. . Shot 3: my homestay host ‘Ja Ha’. It’s unusual, although not unheard of, for men to share the cooking duties. . Shot 4: my other homestay host ‘Na Kor’ in her element, gathering food in the communal farmlands. . . . . .

Ban Jabo (Black Lahu Community)

Continuing on with my “Thailand with Expedia” series, this is the stunning village of Ban Jabo! My challenge this trip was to capture the true beauty of Thailand, filter free! I’m sure we can all agree that we’ve seen iconic ‘insta-famous’ locations online, and visited ourselves, only to be sorely disappointed when we get there? I know have! Not so with Thailand, what you see is what you get. This is another carousel and these are the shots in order, @TourismThailand @ExpediaAu . Shot 1: the view from the coffee shop at Ban Jabo. If you look to the right you can see my ‘bedroom’ for the weekend! . Shot 2: an ‘Americano’, drunk on the deck of the famous coffee shop whilst enjoying views of the valley. . Shot 3: although I wasn’t there in the right season to look down on the clouds, I did see some pretty awesome morning mist each day. . Shot 4: my guide pulling double duties as a model! I suck them all in, I really do! 😂 . . . . .

Chiang Rai, Thailand

Food glorious food! I have to admit, one of the major reasons why I love Thailand so much is the food! I started working in a Thai restaurant when I was 16 and spent 4 years working my way up from dishwasher to knife-hand to cook, and eventually to running the whole damn kitchen! Thai food is possibly the reason I ended up a chef, and from my first visit 12 years ago I’ve loved trying everything I can get my hands on! Thanks to @ExpediaAU , and the beauty of Thai food , I can share these four photos (just a sample of all the things I ate!) @TourismThailand . Shot 1: a standard meal in Mae Hong Son, a traditional Lahu village in the highlands, albeit a vegetarian version. There’s bamboo shoot, eggs, thai omelette, steamed pumpkin shoots and two types of fresh chilli sambal. . Shot 2: thai sticky rice with fresh mango! It’s steamed glutinous rice mixed with sweetened coconut milk or cream and it’s ridiculous!! . Shot 3: a small selection of the menu at Khao Soi Vijittra (Baan Doo Branch). There’s Khao pad (fried rice), pad Thai, sautéed morning glory, spicy glass noodle salad and fresh spring rolls. . Shot 4: traditional local mini-pineapples being skinned and prepared at “Black House”. I literally smashed 5 of them in 2 seconds. So sweet and yummy! . . . . .

Choui Fong Tea Plantation & Doi Mae Salong, Chiang Rai, Thailand

As many of you now know from my stories, I’ve been in Thailand for the past week. And my mission, which I chose to accept, was to capture the beauty of this wonderful destination - not so difficult at all. Thailand was my very first overseas destination when I was 26! I can remember being absolutely blown away by the sights, smells, food and people. I’d worked as a Thai chef when I was a teenager and also had an interest in the National sport, Muay Thai. Since that first trip I’ve taken any excuse I can to go back, even heading over for a few days every couple of years just to eat and get Thai massages. 😂😂 This time around I had the absolute priviledge of partnering with Expedia and Tourism Thailand to travel to some new locations - Chiang Rai and Mae Hong Son. I hope you enjoy learning more about this incredible place, and all there is to see and do! I’ve got a link in my bio for those interested to learn more. ❤️ Oh, and this is the Choui Fong Tea Plantation in Chiang Rai, although I’m also intending to share some carousels around the food, people and landscapes. @ExpediaAu @TourismThailand . . . . . #🍵


Okay, I promise this is my last reminder about the Bootcamp for now. It’s just that pricing goes up tomorrow and I don’t want you guys to pay more than you have to. We’re finalizing our speakers at the moment and have a heap of other surprises to announce, you’re going to be enticed. Either now, or in a few weeks. Only now you can save $100. 🙈💵 > Link in bio < @TheTravelBootcamp PS. This job in Antarctica is going to be a case study at the event too. 💁🏼‍♀️🐧

Ironically today’s IGTV Post is about ... IGTV Posts. Haha. Amongst other things. I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about the importance of using all of the features of Instagram, and how. And remember, all of the topics that I’m covering in this series are “beginner” Instagram topics that I go into in more detail at the Travel Bootcamp. It’s all interesting stuff, but it’s all information you can probably find elsewhere. The real reason why people come to the Bootcamp is for the “advanced” topics on monetizing. So, you’ve got an audience, finding out what you can do with it. Who to pitch to, how, how much to charge, what services the industry is looking for. All the things! I’m actually thinking I’d love to do a series on some of these topics here too, but you would have to come to the Bootcamp to really pick my brain. 😏😝 First intake ticket sales close tonight and pricing increases for the next round. Just reminding you. 😘 > Link in bio < @TheTravelBootcamp


I just checked the Bootcamp website (the link is still in our bio) and it’s reading 1 day 14 hours left of first intake pricing. I’m so grateful for everyone that has sent me messages today, and everyone that’s stopped making excuses. Because if you want to you can come up with 1,000 excuses not to come. It’s too far, there’s no guarantee (actually there is a guarantee, 100% money back if you check the site), I can’t afford it etc etc. Every excuse that you can think up is literally fear stopping you. It’s not far, you do have enough money and we can help you. If you’re ready to be helped. ;) Bootcamp 2019 Ya’ll! 🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉 @TheTravelBootcamp

I’m regularly asked these days if hashtags even work anymore? And the truth is, they don’t work like they used to. However, it’s still possible to attract a new audience to your feed using the right amount of hashtags, the right hashtags and the right place to put them. This is current ‘best practice’ for using hashtags.

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