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Burano, Veneto, Italy

Always say yes to Venice. Also I finally finished writing my statement of purpose for grad school👩‍🎓

Downtown Los Angeles

Flower for scale

Downtown Los Angeles

Do you know the feeling of moving forward while standing still? The feeling that everything is changing while at the same time staying exactly the same? After a decade of sharing my life with the you, I have spent the last couple of years hiding behind a veil in a vain effort to maintain my misguided “influencer illusion“. Hiding behind my pretty pictures is a form of self-preservation that helps me cope with feelings of inadequacy and failure. It’s much easier to talk about the feeling of burn out than it is to admit the financial repercussion that come as a result of it. Who wants to talk about downsizing your home, or having to postpone your vacation when you can post a pretty picture while vaguely referencing a feeling almost everyone can relate to. It’s a safe way to share a small slice of reality without ever truly discussing anything real or meaningful. My priorities have changed drastically in the last few years. It’s time my content began reflecting that change. The picture I chose to share today is my little reading corner. Why? Because I love the late afternoon light that streams through my windows. I love the view of the entire city sprawled out in front of me (even if the freeway is just below). I love that this is the spot where I found the master's degree program I am applying to. I love that this is the spot where I taught myself how to knit. I love that this is the spot where I vacuum 3 times a day because my 3 dogs shed constantly and it drives me nuts. Most of all I love that this is the spot where I learned that I did not need to travel to discover the wonders of our world. This is the spot that that means nothing to you, but everything to me.

I refuse to admit that summer is almost over 🌼

Los Angeles, California

Can’t believe it’s already August. My application for the Master’s in Media Psychology program is due in 10 days. I think it’s time I stop procrastinating and write my letter of intent.

Los Angeles, California

Spent my weekend hosting friends at our pool, picnicking in the park, and re-reading Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises. What are you currently reading?

Nordstrom South Coast Plaza

It’s always a happy day when I can stock up on all of my beauty and skincare favorites. It’s an even better day when it’s the @nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Pop into your local @nordstrom and enjoy great deals, gifts, and events going on now until August 4th. Shop my anniversary sale selects [ad]

Los Angeles, California

Glowing skin is my ultimate summer accessory. Excited to pop into my @nordstrom tomorrow to celebrate their Anniversary Sale, enjoy a mini facial from La Mer, and stock up on all my beauty favorites. Stop by your local @nordstrom to check out the anniversary events happening now through August 4th. [ad]

Los Angeles, California

Looking forward while standing still.

Griffith Park

Enjoying a beautiful Saturday and crossing off my summer bucket list. Today we tried Cento Pasta Bar and now it’s time for Shakespeare in the Park. More in stories.


Date night made infinitely better due to today’s epic sale finds at @nordstromrack. Picked up this gorgeous white slip dress and linen blazer, both by @frame and half off. 👌🏻

Los Angeles, California

Something lovely for your Monday morning.

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