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Cipriani 25 Broadway

Made it to @superrealny; an interactive light experience at . I don’t usually go to events like this in NYC, but this was really a gorgeous experience and wasn’t at all just an in&out situation. [use ‘LAINY10’ to receive 10% off ticket purchase]

Bottega Veneta

one of the main reasons I love living uptown, are early evening sunday walks down when all the stores are closed. Cc @bottegaveneta

the new @zarahome is absolute heaven

So... if you’ve ever been a preggo you know the importance of hydrating your belly. But some of the oils I use don’t have the special nutrient-dense ingredients that @everedenbrand has in this belly mask. I also love the smell of it. It makes me hungry(er than I already am). Thanks for sending this over. Love love love. 💕

Monmouth County, New Jersey

have a beautiful weekend everyone ♥️🏠

v pregnant in @maimoun_ny

La Divine Comédie

this place exists and i’m on my couch 🤷🏽‍♀️🌳 |

three’s a party. 🎈

Upper East Side

Congratulations to @thefashionguitar for her gorgeous collection in collaboration with @amazonthedrop - available only for the next day so get it while it’s hot 🔥

coziest dining room on the innnnnernet. ☁️ by @estudiomariasantos

@nothingfitsbut this linen jumpsuit 😛

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