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There is nothing stronger than a woman who has rebuilt herself. -Hannah Gadsby • I’ve had to rebuild myself multiple times. • After loosing an arm. • After loosing my identity as an athlete. • After focusing too much on social media. • After having my son. • It’s okay to break yourself down and rebuild multiple times within your life. • As humans, were constantly changing, learning and evolving. • If you don’t like where you’re headed as a human being....rebuild. That’s a luxury we all have for ourselves. • Don’t be stubborn. There’s always room for change and improvements. • 📸 : @faisonanne

I was so lost before you came along. • You opened my mind to a healthier way of thinking. • You made me understand the true meaning of life. • You also drive me out of my damn mind, but whatever...I still love you, kid. • 📸: @faisonanne

I used to think high numbers on my Olympic lifts was important. I thought it validated me as an athlete. • I thought followers and likes were important, because it made you somebody. • You know what’s important? None of that shit, I can guarantee you that. • Your mental health is important. Your physical health is important, and the ones who love you the most are important. • Don’t let your ego or an app get in the way of the best things in life. • I became the richest woman in the world when I let my ego go, let the meaningless things in life go and focused on me and my family. Don’t ever forget that the most important things in life don’t live in your phone. • I thank God for these two everyday. I’m even more thankful for us as a team. • This team isn’t perfect, but we sure as hell are the DREAM TEAM in my eyes. • 📸: @faisonanne

Who run the world?.....Me. • You’re doing something wrong if you’re not your own hype man. • I can say I’m a bad b*tch without speaking one actual word. • That’s the power of someone who believes in themselves.

AdventHealth . • I participated in the Feel Whole Challenge this month, and I highly encourage you to do it too! • Nothing has pushed me out of my shell, and comfort zone, more than this challenge. • For 21 days, you participate in small challenges, such as this one. • Try a new exercise with a friend (or without a friend in my case). • I’m not one to venture out of what I know best, and what I’m fairly good at. Taking a spin class was way, WAY out of my comfort zone. • I wasn’t familiar with that type of exercise, and I’m far too competitive to go into a new exercise not wanting to immediately beat everyone. • This class was extremely humbling. That spin class kicked my behind BIG TIME! • I sat on that bike giving it my all and hoping I would keep up with all the older women (who were killing it!) around me. • I enjoyed this class so much that I might start implementing this on active recovery days. • That’s been the beauty of this challenge for me thus far. @adventhealth

6 years ago today...I was lying on a road with an arm hanging on by a thread, scared out of my mind about what would happen next. • I wish I could go back in time and talk to that girl in that moment. • I’d say,’re never going to believe me, but you’re about to start the best chapter of your life. • I’d hold her shaking hand and say there was not one single reason why she should be scared, because she was about to do incredible things. • I’d tell her that she was going to struggle, but from her struggles came triumphs. • I’d wipe her tears away and tell her she was prepared her entire life for this exact moment. She was ready for everything to come. • I was prepared, and I was ready. I’ve struggled within these 6 years, but from every struggle came a triumph. • Some say I have everything I do because I don’t have an arm, but they couldn’t be more wrong. • I’ve had success because of the way I chose to react to the loss of an arm. • You have two choices in life. You either give up or you don’t. • I’ve never given up.

You know what beats an aesthetically pleasing post with boobs and ass on Instagram, with no meaning behind it? • Posts that don’t include your ass and boobs, are nearly never pleasing to the eye, but just helped changed someone’s life because they’re actually able to relate. • In this life of “influencers”, I hope and pray that I can influence you to keep working hard and never give up. • Do you know how many times I struggled at looking at myself in the mirror because my fat hung out of my gym clothes? Do you know how many times I cried because I didn’t know who I was anymore? Do you know how many times I wanted to quit and just hide in my closet? A lot. • I still struggle till this day. I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t struggle. • You don’t want to go to the gym because you think you look fat? I understand you. • You cry because none of your clothes fits and you’re struggling to accept yourself? I understand you. • I am you. I’ve been there. • Keep going to the gym. Keep going with your healthy eating habits. Keep going. •

I went to LA Fitness this morning on my own.....what?!?! • Bro, I don’t do these gyms anymore unless I’m at a 1st Phorm gathering. • I can’t stand these gyms anymore. Nothing but judgment from left to right, but I decided to go today. • My chiropractor has limited me to bike or elliptical for cardio for the next two weeks. • I have neither of those in my garage. So I put my pride aside and got my ass to LA Fitness, because I NEED to do something. • I got a hell of a workout with maximum effort on both a bike and stair master for 40 min total, followed by 5 sets of 20 weighted Russian twists. • People stared. Oh, did they stare. • It’s kinda hard not to stare when the girl with one arm is kicking your ass at the gym! 👊🏼

❌ GIVEAWAY CLOSED ❌ • I have teamed up with @gainzbox to give one lucky winner a subscription for the July Box! • 📦- OPEN to all US residents! • Here's how to ENTER. • 👉🏼Follow @gainzbox (We’ll know if you do!) 👉🏼Follow @krystalcantu 👉🏼Tag a friend in the comments followed by your favorite cheat meal! • Winner will be announced Thursday 7/25 • ⏰ GOOD LUCK!

The Lion King was INCREDIBLE! • I loved everything about it. Daniel cried about 50 times because it’s his favorite Disney move, and Joaquin was singing and roaring through out the entire movie. • 10 out of 10 recommend. • Everyone was hating on Beyonce being the voice of Nala............welp, my girl killed it!

Just a girl in her element. • I used to be terrified of public speaking. • Now I’m speaking to the world, and I hope you’re listening. • We need to start listening more. You and I both. • When we learn to start listening and stop reacting so quickly, we’ll change the world.

Momma was feelin’ herself today! • Wednesday’s and Thursday’s are considered my work days. These are the only days we send Joaquin to school. • I fit in weeks worth of work on these two days. • I had a lot to do today and I managed to get everything knocked off my list and still make (not find, MAKE) the time for a workout. • I know I approach things with tough love, but I do it because I want you to succeed. I will never sugar coat how hard you have to work to make things happen for yourself.

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