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Small Talk!

Show me your 🌼FLOWER POWER🌼 with my new filter on @instagram (click on my profile to find it, see 3rd scroll) 🤗

Haven’t heard yet? Now you can head to @spotify to see my new vertical video (as you so patiently wait for THE music video 🙏🏻) Link in bio

Is that I hear? Link in bio 🌼

Puppy Love

God spelled backwards is Dog and I don’t think that’s a coincidence☝🏻

Whether it's 🐱or big conversations🐯that are , @katyperrycollections has you covered on and every day 🤗

Small Talk!

bts of my beatboxing brother @charlieputh on March 11th 2019 doing his savant thing on 🌼

Listen to and watch the lyric video at the link in bio, and then join me on IG Live for some small talk of our own ❤️

Ain’t it funny? ‘Cause now there’s nothing left but...☝🏼

Strangers ➡ Lovers ➡ Strangers tonight!

Ready for some tonight? Here’s a sneak peek 👀 at the song and lyric video. Pre-save link in bio ☝🏼

Capitol Records

100 million digital singles and still insecure 🤷🏼‍♀️

and now there's nothing left but ☝🏼🌼 Pre-save in bio

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