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floral designer and mommy living in socal...also posting cute stuff @thedaydreamrepublic @thedollhouserepublic ✉️

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Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

Grubby kids, incredible scenery, FULL HEARTS...Back home after 4 days off the grid, camping and exploring Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks with some of my favorite families...12 kids between us but we did it! I have never seen trees as large, I have never seen faces and feet as dirty and I have never felt such pride watching our crew of kids enjoy nature and each other’s company this week - I pray they keep these memories as a foundation for life and that trips like these are what shape them into kind, empathetic adults, forever marveling at Gods creation and this magnificent earth we live on 🙌🏻

Jowett Family Road Trip 2019 - Sequoia + Kings Canyon National Parks, we comin in hot!! (pro tip - leave around bedtime the night before and stay at a cheap hotel outside the parks on the first night so the kids sleep through the drive and you’re there bright and early to get a head start!)

Still crushing on these blooms we created for a mock-up with @agoodaffair - Spring blooms + Fall color palette = floral perfection

Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa

This is my first summer off in 15 years...And I have been taking full advantage of this time to travel as much as possible! Daydreaming about our stay @ranchovalencia 2 weeks ago with some of my , celebrating our dear friend @thevenuereport @foundedbyhippies turning 40! Margaritas at check in, cabanas by the relaxation pool, private hot tub and outdoor fireplace, fresh orange juice delivered to our rooms in the morning and cast iron cinnamon rolls for breakfast - it was pretty much the best slumber party ever 🙌🏻 Most of all, it was so nice to spend quality time with my fellow business owners + mamas who I respect and admire the hell out of...thank you @ranchovalencia for taking such good care of us and giving us some much needed time away to celebrate! Our hearts are full 💗

Big Bear Lake, California

I can’t put into words the beauty we witnessed this weekend...two stories, two pasts, two hearts - all merging...from darkness came light, from friendship came love, from brokenness came many emotions watching these two become a family...forever bonded, forever my people 💗 @wildevalentine @adapperline @btjowett @jesihaackdesign @mrhaack @1011makeup @bklmn

Downtown Los Angeles

Last nights @tasselsandtastemakers was sooooo beautiful - I’m always blown away by what the @beinspiredpr team comes up with for these celebrations...and it’s amazing to see people from so many different industries (wedding, wellness, fashion, motherhood, etc) come together to promote community and creativity! Thank you @leilaklewis and @giannasanfilippo for such a fun time last night - love you ladies!

Color love on this Thursday afternoon...and really missing those springtime blooms 💕 Loved this event with @sterling_social from back in May...

Tonopah, Arizona

Pit stop, somewhere in Arizona...we just got back from a 4 night mini road trip to Palm Springs and Phoenix and I am, of course, already planning the next trip...I can’t tell you how important these getaways are to me as a parent...I grew up taking a family vacation every summer...some years it was a big trip (NY, Mexico, Disneyworld) and other years it was a simple road trip through the southwest or camping in Northern California...I don’t remember all the details but I do know that those vacations offered me some of my favorite memories as a child...and now being able to pass this tradition down to my kids means doesn’t need to be fancy or some big epic adventure...but GET OUT THERE GUYS...this country alone has never ending opportunities to be at one with nature, pound the pavement in a new city, taste delicious food and see how others live...above all, it’s a constant reminder that most of us are in a bubble and if we focus more on other places, people and experiences, this world would be a much better place 🌎

The Scott Resort & Spa

These are a few of my favorite things - white, wood, brass, rattan and plants’s like it was MADE.FOR.ME 🙌🏻 such a little gem in the desert 🌿

Good morning from Scottsdale! We got in last night after a mini road trip solo with my kids (Brian has to work the next few days 😩) but we are meeting up with my family this afternoon for some fun in the sun! Until then, we will be soaking up all this resort has to offer 🙌🏻 (more in my stories)

Costa Mesa, California

Happy (belated) first day of summer! ☀️ I have gotten a lot of questions about our backyard so I created a post linking all the products...I will also do a swipe up on my stories :) We have always loved our yard (in fact it was one of the main reasons we bought this house) but once we got the proper furniture and accessories, we have been spending SO much time out’s truly become a haven for us and a spot where we can let the stress of life wash away 🙌🏻 Side note: it pretty much took me half a day this week to figure out how to link all these things and sync it up with reward style and like to know it (I actually still don’t know if I did it right)...I’m not sure how professional influencers do it - so much work lol! But hopefully it’s helpful to anyone looking to give their yard a little summer makeover :)

Costa Mesa, California

Last day of school tomorrow / FINALLY!! Annual tradition of “summer fun baskets” are ready for the kids and I posted what’s inside on my stories (and will save in my “summer fun” highlight) - lots of boredom busters, treats and a really cool daily devotional book about God and science that I am excited to start reading as a family every morning! Summer, we ready ☀️☀️

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