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Leaves to dress dryads. Hoping to have some on the stall by Thursday!

Promisingly dry and sunny at the west end today. And the wind had dropped!

Martha, a crow and a croissant. Getting sidetracked at West End Fair

That’s Leonard off to a new home- hope he is happy there! now need to decide what I should make big to replace him...

A day away from the west end to sell yarns and promote classes at Big Cat Textiles.

Today’s challenge is the wind but now the crow is clamped he seems to be staying upright!

Changes tonight at the west end fair but myself and these girls here till the end! (25th)

West End Fair change over tonight for many stalls in the West Bank marquee. Last chance to meet these makers and tomorrow we have many new faces!

A headless chicken has wandered round from to join the other body parts. Third photo shows what it looked like before it’s head vanished!

I said I’d put up a picture of the Harlequins and Columbines, but this is all that I have left!

Lots of new stalls this week at the fair and what’s more it’s dry today!

Assembling body parts on the stall today. Quite busy today though so not as much assemblage as might be!

We are open and it’s dry! Rush down to the West End Fair before the next deluge! Open 11-6 daily

Helping at a dye day at Big Cat Textiles and thinking of you all at the west End Fair in the rain!

Dressing naked Columbunes today as we dry out after yesterday’s deluge at the Erst End Fair

Next door to our graveyard craft fair

Getting dark already! 5.30 but the first bolt of lightening hit the church next door and upset the bells which have just chimed 2.15

West end fair is where the weather is this afternoon!

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