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RoleModel @NEDA + L’Oréal @PrincesTrust @PersonabyMR Ambassador Exec prod + host of MirrorChallenge Forbes30under30 . ▶️ YOUTUBE CHANNEL👇

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There have been a total of 72,843 fires in Brazil this year, with more than half in the Amazon region. Many of which are said to have been illegally started to make room for farming. ‼️ The Amazon is often referred to as the planet's lungs, producing 20% of the oxygen in the earth's atmosphere. ☁️ It is considered vital in slowing global warming, and it is also home to millions or animals and precious plants that are dying / losing their homes. 🐒 The amazon is roughly half the size of the US, it is the largest rainforest on the planet. 🌎 I’m aware I need to do better at making better choices daily to not feed into the damaging global affects of climate change and just felt it was super important to share this. 🌴 Would love to know any small ways you’re being conscious and helping save the planet, let me know I love learning❤️ thanks in advance for the tips 😘

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Why are we like this @leahlondonofficial 😂😂😂 I bloody love you sister

Big cheese😎 love a tourist day with the fam in NYC even though I’ve lived here for over 6years it still blows my mind🥰 never forget no dream is too big, I made it here from Kidderminster England after 10years of rejection and crumby modelling jobs, I’ll keep it short today lol but I defo want to do an in depth video into “how I made it” if you have questions drop em below then I can try answer them all in the video🥰 Gifted Outfit: Dress @aerie Bag Necklace @missomalondon Thanks for the pic @diggzy 🙌

I’m disgusted that people / companies profit off of toxic diet culture, a perfected unrealistic beauty ideal, (including photoshop) and promoting that health looks like one thing. Millions of us have been and still are fighting our eating disorders, seeing weight watchers targeting children - showing before and afters, congratulating restrictive guilt ridden eating behaviours is awful and heart breaking. Yes I believe in wellness, but that education comes from balance - intuitive eating and understanding that health is so much more than just hitting a certain weight or being skinny. Society and many diet promoters would say the pic of me as a teen on the left was healthier because I was slimmer. But that’s incorrect because only I knew how unhealthy my mindset and eating / exercise was. I didn’t care about my health and well-being I cared about thigh gaps and goal measurements. But now, I’m wayyyyyyy healthier even if I’m heavier and have more fat on my body. I have a balanced life, I eat without guilt and shame, I don’t restrict, I love eating, cooking and I nourish my body with the fuel is needs and the exercise it deserves. Your body is your home when you love it you want to look after and care for it. That doesn’t mean you can’t change or fluctuate because we evolve and grow, that doesn’t mean you don’t want to be the best version of yourself, it’s whatever you feel you want to do and be. If you’re confused about your relationship with food and or your body check out the free online NEDA screening tool, they also have a ton of free resources online and maybe its a loved one that may need help so make sure you’re there for them and learning to be understanding and supportive.


Thank you my queen @iluvlola for an amazing evening celebrating the @puma sneaks, with a room full of powerful women and the best food @mariocarbone 🙏 Loved seeing @juicyjackieee @sharifasays 🥰🥰🥰

Gainesville, Georgia

Checkin on my @giphy gains😛 Love seeing you all use my gifs on insta and group chats😭😭😭

Why did I sign the letter created by @modelallianceny ? Because I am one of the lucky ones... The young me on the left entering into the model industry at 13, survived. 16 years later and I have heard far too many stories of sexual, physical and mental abuse within the fashion industry. It’s a seemingly glamorous job that I adore and work my arse off everyday the last 16years to succeed in. Yes it’s our choice to enter into this world but just like every other industry it’s workers deserve protection. Protection from predators, especially when many of the girls are very young, far away from family and friends and often don’t speak the language of the country they live in. I know of girls who came from huts in Siberia and were lured to Asia by agents who promised them lucrative modelling careers and would be able to change their whole families lives - only to find out they owed the agencies money and had their passports taken so they were trapped and then forced to be on diets that almost killed them. I have been in situations myself where a photographer attempted to touch my bra and I immediately made sure he knew that was unacceptable. Yet later I hear the same photographer offered to take another model I knew home and started touching her leg in the car. I was also told at 15 that you could tell I was a virgin as I didn’t have enough sex appeal behind my eyes🙄 But luckily because of my parents own experiences of abuse they taught me from a young age to make sure I removed myself from potential situations that could put me in danger or compromising positions. I’m aware that’s not always possible and that HAS TO CHANGE. To everyone reading this ARE YOU A PREDATOR OR A PROTECTOR? It’s not on potential victims to live in fear (even though we have to always be self aware and know how to protect ourselves) we need to educate everyone to know what boundaries are, right and wrong, values and that it’s never ever ok to take advantage, abuse, rape or hurt anyone. Thank you for reading if you got this far. Sending my love to all you survivors and those who are still healing❤️

Los Angeles, California

Hey my LA lovelies👀 I’ll be doing a meet & greet @lorealmakeup stand TOMORROW @beautycon LA 2pm‼️ And speaking on the “how health feels” panel at 1pm🔥 🔥 I want to make sure you all come see me LIVE this weekend SOOOOO I'm gifting 100 of YOU FREE TICKETS‼️ . Can’t wait to squeeze you all and take pics, oh and @philipapayne is coming too🥰 🥰 [link is in my bio] Or Use this link OR Swipe in my IG Stories🦄 . 📸 @shotbyduckworth .

⚠️WARNING MY @giphy GIFS ARE LIVE‼️ 🔥[link in my bio]🔥 You can use them EVERYWHERE... 🍔I’m gonna show you in my stories how to use them in texts and insta stories as stickers🔥 Annndddd tag me because I’m gonna FaceTime whoever uses my Gifs in the most creative way🙌 🙌 🙌 You should defo download the @giphy app if you haven’t yet and you can easily just search *iskra* to find them all👀 👀 👀 This was too much fun, and comment below any more gif ideas you want me to do as I’m defo gonna do more😛 😛 😛 Love you all so much and can’t wait to see you using them everywhere. Ps thank you @aimedean for making this happen and for the beautiful burger

AD| 🎊🎉So happy to announce my 2nd year as the face of @personabymr 🥰 Grazie Mille to the most wonderful team @fadondi @michyburatti @riccardovimercati I’m truly grateful to be part of the family and love working with a brand that makes luxury Italian designer clothing upto US24 You can shop the brand new collection here: Lots more looks to come🥰 . . .

Happy national undie day Happy love yourself everyday Happy embracing the real you everyday Happy making peace with your imperfections that are actually what make you perfectly you everyday Happy to be alive, present and so filled with love and light❤️ And of course my undies and bralette are @aerie 🎼And the track is called by @noahnorth ☀️ ☀️ 📍Oh and PS PS NYC MEET UP TOMORROW real talk with me my bestie @thenataliegage @alyraisman and her bestie @huntermcgrady @aerie store 75 Spring st, NY 6.30-7.30pm📍

Drop a 🍅 if you go red like me in the gym, actually it's not even limited to that... 🍅 When you're embarrassed 🍅 complimented 🍅 public speaking 🍅 fall over lmao basically 🍅= my life PS day 7 of my wahhooowe did a week totally makeup free and I've never felt more comfortable and happy being in the skin I'm in Love you all - what should our next pledge be???

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