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📏Graston technique provider 💪🏼IASTM - Soft tissue mobilisation 🏋🏼‍♂️Sports/ROM mobility 🕳 Cupping. Men only

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@salzaghlul7 came in for restricted movements via his left traps, rhomboid and lats. Treated him first with a deep tissue massage followed by graston and finished off with cupping. Good luck for the show brother 🙏🙏🙏

@krt47 came to see me regarding an issue with his scapula being limited whilst performing such exercises as shoulder press and chest press. Once we found the issue from the initial consultation we got to work. I saw @krt47 the same night at @muscleworksorpington and he was very pleased with the results.

@forbes.don came to see me as a Referal from @salzaghlul7. @forbes.don has had over 2 years a problem with his left shoulder and pectorals which has led him to not being able to physically and mentally push himself whilst training. After our first session we identified the issue and got to work. It was an absolute pleasure meeting and treating him.

Just a quick video of how our new shockwave machine works. I had a tremendous launch for this machine as bookings came thick and fast. Slots will be coming slowly available as of next week so get booking before all get taken again.

Would like to firstly apologise to my followers as I have not posted in a while. I have been super busy this month or so with it being “show season” plus the new addition of the shockwave machine has kept me busy. I have clients from over 2 months worth that I have treated and not posted but will do so. Here is my client that had excruciating back pain from the lower (Si joint ) all the way to the top illiocostalis. This was only our first session and just look at the results that we achieved. He woke up the next day slightly sore but with much greater range and quality of motion so smiles all round.

Client came to me as he felt it hard to preform deadlifts / squats and shoulder press exercises. As a local restaurant owner he spends most of the hours of the day everyday standing up without resting or stretching. After our initial consultation we found the problem areas and got down to work. After 48 hours he came to my office with the most biggest portion of food from his restaurant to show his appreciation. He is currently achieving his goals by being able to slowly build not only weight but strength in all those previous weakened areas.

The day my good friend @bigdan_baldwinson90 came to see me. Seriously one of the most down to earth guys and apart from myself one of the bluntness guys around. Dan came to see me whist on off season as he was feeling muscular tightness in and around his back and chest. As you can see just from our first session how much scar tissue we were able to locate and treat. The very next day I received a message from dan loving the quality / range of motion along with the chest pump. Looking forward to our next session for you legs brother.

It finally arrived yesterday. All of the training all the hard work and the only thing that I was waiting on was the delivery. Myself and sister company @londonbodycentre are extremely pleased to be able to now provide clients with shockwave therapy🙏🙏🙏 Usually now is the explanation part or “boring stuff” but honestly read all of it as most people that are not aware of shock therapy are seriously missing out. Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy treatment (ESWT) is a clinically proven treatment available for patients presenting primarily with chronic tendon disorders. This is a successful second line treatment for patients who fail to respond to appropriate conservative management including physiotherapy. Shockwave is a procedure where sound waves of energy are passed through the skin to the injured part of the body using a special device. The shockwaves are mechanical and not electric and work by increasing blood flow to the injured area. This accelerates the body’s healing process.The ESWT application lasts about 5 minutes to deliver the shockwave energy and you must attend for 3 sessions over 3 consecutive weeks. Slots are already filling up so don’t fall behind on the queue. Contact myself or @londonbodycentre and quote “shock” Go !!!!!!

Kazakhstan’s under 18 boxing champion came to see me before his first defending title match the following week. He explained how the intense training coupled with his champion fight let him feeling tight. Training since the fight he told me how he wasn’t punching as fast and as hard whilst feeling tightness during training. As many of you know or don’t know I treat a lot of martial artists so I do see “common” cases. As you can see after the treatment how he was obviously feeling tightness etc. I’m extremely grateful that the Kazakhstan boxing federation trusted me to do this treatment and I’m very happy that it paid off for him and the whole team.

Client was feeling neck / back and shoulder pain whilst playing golf. After our consultation we found the problem areas and got to work. Very happy to have received a phone call the weekend after the treatment with nothing but a positive result whilst playing golf and day to day movements. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Had the pleasure of treating @rasenglish. He told me he had pain in his back and shoulder. His shoulder pain was affecting his shoulder press and bench press so I got to work. After one treatment you can see that there was alot of scar tissue that was affecting his problem areas. I was very happy to receive a very kind message which had nothing but positive feedback from him after his first training session after seeing me. Look forward to our next season brother. 🙏🙏

When @mihird1 first contacting me as you can see at first it was only for shoulder and upper back issues but evidently there was more issues then initially thought. However after our first session we tackled a lot of issues and well the proof is in the pudding as you can see from his message. I was very happy with the results as mihir is very much into his fitness and could get back stronger not only physically but with confidence knowing he can push his body to its limits again. I love making a difference to my clients lives. 🙏🙏🙏

Local on foot patrol police man James was having difficulties squatting without his chest coming beyond his knees and also told me how no matter what he just wasn’t feeling activation in his quads whilst training. As you can see from the first video he finds it hard to do a clean squat as he is fighting for balance and form. After just one session from the second video which was 1 of our end of session physio you can see how much smoother his squatting is and also take a look at the comparisons of foot positioning.

Client came in with biceps that were aggravated him during training. After our consultation he explained how his back had a golf related injury but healed (so he thought) properly but ever since then his biceps have been hindering his performances in the Gym. As you can see after some muscle manipulation , deep tissue massage and graston technique , well the video will speak for itself. I love making a difference to whoever walks through my doors.

@lmariosa came to see me as he was suffering from back pain. As you can see the majority of the problems were his left side. After a treatment of muscle manipulation, deep tissue massage and graston technique he really felt the difference in the Gym session the same night. Now that your are half way around the work @lmariosa at least you will have a symmetric back lol 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼. Be safe out there brother. See you when your “back”

This client had only been in the UK for a couple of months. He told me how he joined the local gym and asked around for advise on any recommendations for someone to help him with his back and shoulder problem. He smiled and said that my name kept coming up so he had to come see me. After only our first session I received a call and he was over the moon with the results. Both his range and quality motion was excellent. 🙏👍🏼💪🏼👌🏼

It was the Christmas week that healthandbodylondon offices were closed when I received a voice note on my whatssap from a small business owner (plumbing and heating) based nearby that was in agony from back pain. He needed help and straight away. The pain in his back had left him unable to play with his children and enjoy Christmas with his wife. I couldn’t say no. I apologised to my family and guests then went to my office got my graston and cream then went to his beautiful home. We had to carry out the deep tissue massage , muscle manipulation and graston technique in his living room. After the session he had a better range and quality of motion. I advised him to rest yet keep up with the physio I taught him consistently. I received a phone call 2 days later of nothing but thankfulness and gratitude. I’m so happy he had given me a call as it was a pleasure hearing his happiness as he was going out for a bike ride with his wife and kids.

Get in touch guys. Only got a few spaces left. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

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