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Finnish/Australian | Perth ☼ Travel + Style Blog Here to spread Love ♡ 📸 @bobbybense Outfits 👉🏻 @gypsylovinlight_style 🌱

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Cottesloe Beach House I

Who knew traveling only 20 minutes from home could transport you so far away and bring all the vaycay vibes required ☀️ . We’ve loved every single minute of our @executive_escapes family staycay at the Cottesloe Beach house 🐚 it’s been the ultimate recharge for all of us. This 3 bed, 2 bath luxury beach house was actually built back in 1906. Whilst keeping its charm, it has since been renovated into an open plan, light filled, neutral space with a beautiful outdoor area featuring a stunning solar heated plunge pool overlooking the ocean 🌊 . We’ve been so blessed with so much magic these past few days 🌈 from waking up to a double rainbow on the beach at sunrise and dancing in the rain as it absolutely poured down on us 😂 to watching the moon rise as the sun glistened over the ocean 🌝✨ enjoying multiple golden sunsets with these infinity pool views, and we even caught a glimpse of a local osprey flying as it landed in its nest 🦅 . Cottesloe will always hold a special place in our hearts 💛 this is where @bobbybense and I were married almost 12 years ago. Every time we visit we make sure to go back to our special spot and reminisce 💫 Check my Cottesloe story highlights for all the action from our wonderful week 💛 . Who else loves a good staycay? . 📸 @bobbybense | Swipe for more pics 🌈 .

Fremantle, Western Australia

Always dress for you and wear what makes you feel magnificent 🌟 @camillawithlove 🦋✨ . I love getting creative and playing dress ups, expressing myself through my style. But most of all I love to dress FOR MYSELF ✨ . @camillawithlove is by far one of my wardrobe favorites. I love the colours, the vibrancy, the intricate web of patterns, the shimmering details, the silky flowing fabrics. It instantly lifts my vibration and reflects my souls passion and zest for life 💫 . It can take courage to express ourselves through our style and wear what we really want when we want. I love stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new styles. It’s surprising how it can awaken new parts of myself when I do 🦋 . 📸 @bobbybense .


Changing the WHAT IF to WHAT IS 🙏🏼 . What’s your first thought looking at this picture? Mine was ‘where I’d rather be’ 💦Then it hit me I actually want to be right here, at home surrounded by the love of my family. . I’ve had one of those weeks. The ones where you wish you were anywhere else. Life is a mix of highlights and low moments and I’ve realized I really don’t want to miss any of it. . I’m a little unwell at the minute. This will pass that I’m sure of. It’s been a little bit scary too. Who else hates waiting for test results? I’m prone to conjuring a million WHAT IF scenarios. This time round though I’ve looked at it as an opportunity to work out those brain muscles and focus on a story that brings me peace instead. There’s no need to make ourselves suffer when we actually don’t know. There is a choice in all things. WE are the creators of our life. Of our thoughts and who we want to be. . So instead of wishing I was floating in a turquoise lagoon, which is also awesome, I’m loving WHAT IS. I’m grateful for the journey I’m on right here, right now, facing what will surely be a small hiccup and a learning lesson. . From pain and suffering comes deeper understanding, compassion, vulnerability, courage, intimacy and strength. It’s something I prefer to accept and own and even find gratitude for. . And no need to worry guys I’m really all good. I’m in great hands and I’m feeling better every day. I just wanted to share a little behind the scenes of right now with you. And let you know not all days I’m floating in tropical paradise. Some days I’m in bed, sick and resting, some days my heart aches and I cry a lot. Some days I am terrified because I love so deeply. Today I’m spending the day resting in bed surrounded by the loves of my life and I couldn’t be happier and more grateful 🙏🏼💛 . 📸 @bobbybense .

City Beach, Western Australia

When you find that forever someone 💘 . For the bride to be and lovers of great shoes I’ve found the perfect wedding shoes by @foreversoles 🙏🏼 If only they had been around 11 years ago when I got married. Even still these summer espadrilles are also so perfect for beach days and your next tropical vacation 🧜‍♀️ . I love that @foreversoles not only make incredible, quality shoes but they also support charities around the world. Charities working hard to protect and empower vulnerable women and girls from human trafficking and child marriage and improving survival rates of babies due to preterm complications. I love supporting brands that have so much heart and care so deeply 💕 they believe every woman deserves to feel confident and supported and feel the joys of love and marriage. . This photo takes me back to a very special day marrying the love of my life @bobbybense 💕 I’m filled with love and gratitude every day for our marriage and all our blessings. And even though we’ve already renewed our vows once I still wish we could do it again and again. Especially if it means being able to dress up like a bride again 👰🏼 . Who’s getting married and planning a wedding soon? . 📸 @bobbybense .

Western Australia

Love exploring this world with the loves of my life @bobbybense and our 2 little adventurers 🧜‍♀️🧜‍♂️ . They’re always up for anything whether it’s snorkeling in the deep, braving the cold, climbing giant boulders, zip lining or riding waves. Swipe for a little video of our adventures down south 🌊🌈🏄🏼✨ . Where are you guys off to next? Would love some travel inspiration 🙏🏼 . 📸 @bobbybense .

Not all days are great days like this ☀️Some are filled with anxieties and heartache. Pain from old wounds that resurface just when you think you’ve finally healed. But each day is an opportunity to heal, to love ourselves a little more, to rewrite the old stories that we play on repeat. To change our focus, redirect our energy, and find gratitude for what is working in our life rather than what is not. . Quiet moments in nature like this always bring me into my heart ✨ Loved this magical golden hour beach walk with my new @jodileedesigns bag 💫 Swipe for more pics 📸 Loving all the sparkle and details that remind me every day is a new day to celebrate life and start fresh 🌟 . Not a day goes by that I don’t give thanks for all the blessings in my life. For the wonderful moments and the painful lessons as well. For my family, my tribe, my health, to be able to create and live my passions every single day, for the air that I breathe, the plants that fuel me, and this beautiful planet we call home 💛 . What fills your heart with gratitude? . Wishing you all a beautiful weekend ☀️ .

City Beach, Western Australia

Joy lives in the space where you are free to create by the will of your heart ♡ . Do you crave a life of authenticity where you can be unapologetically yourself? A life where you can truly share who you are and not worry or be guided by the judgements of others. . I recently shared my inner musings with @weheartit along with more pics of this beautiful bridal shoot we created with @prettywillow and @lushfloraldesign 🌸 . Head to the link in my bio to read all about how I maintain my good vibes, what inspires me the most, and my tips to get you into a healthy mindset. . 📸 @bobbybense | Swipe for more pics 💫 .

Fremantle, Western Australia

You weren’t born to to blend in 🧚🏻‍♂️ Be brave and share your colours with the world. Open your heart to the possibility of heartbreak but the greater possibility of love. Share your truth even when you know it doesn’t align with the status quo. It’s ok to be you. And it’s ok for me to be me. I love that we are all different. We spend too much time trying to fit in and be the same. Trying to not be seen as different or seen at all. Terrified of ourselves when we were born a gift to this world 🙏🏼 . I spent the day recently at my favorite @camillawithlove trying on some of their latest styles {all the fun is on my stories} 🧚🏻‍♂️ And swipe across for some pics of their beautiful Claremont store 🕌 . It was so refreshing to be surrounded by empowered women. Women who love and celebrate themselves as the goddesses they truly are. This is what @camillawithlove clothing reminds me of. It inspires me and encourages me to step out of my comfort zone, to share who I am, and to shine so bright with all the love and kindness that overflows from my heart 💖 I’m so grateful for all the women and men in my life who accept, support and lift each other up. These are the vibes of my tribe 💫 . Never let anyone else’s inadequacies stop you from expressing how exquisite you truly are. You are the greatest gift simply because you are YOU. I hope you can all see that. I needed reminding of this today. It’s not always an easy path for any of us, even though it’s often perceived that the grass is greener somewhere else. We all have bad days, encounter bullies, and experience heartbreaks. Let’s all be kind to one another. There is so much healing power in small acts of kindness. I love you all so much 💖 . 📸 @bobbybense .

The Nest Hair Boutique Perth

Filling my love cup 🌸 . As a mother of a 13 and 10 year old running a full time business there are days when I just need a break. And today was definitely one of them. I’m so grateful to have spent the day being pampered at @thenesthairboutiqueperth having my colour and @jadorehairsupplies extensions refreshed. It’s more than just a hair day for me. It’s a day to myself. The Nest Hair Boutique is also more than just a salon. It’s a beautiful, relaxing space where you are surrounded by other women all taking time out, it’s a safe space of non judgement where you can totally unwind, connect and even indulge in all the goodies they have 🧁🍸 Swipe for some pics of fresh hair and this absolutely gorgeous space 🌸 . To all the mamas juggling a million roles in one day, who are barely sleeping, running on empty, digging deeper than they thought possible to find a shred of patience, managing changing hormones, changing nappies, basically constant change and uncertainty... you are incredible and I send you so much love, big hugs and the utmost respect. And if you’ve reached your limit like I did today, I hope you take a week, a day, an hour, 10 minutes or whatever you need for yourself. My love cup is feeling full again and I’m reminding myself not to let it get so empty 💖 .

Parry Beach Breaks

I’m always looking at life through a magical lens 💫 . The past few days at @parrybeachbreaks have been nothing short of magical. Swipe for the most beautiful rainbow and pics of this wild, majestic landscape 🌈 . I get asked a lot how I come across so many beautiful places and moments including unexpected sunsets, sunrises and rainbows. The simple answer is that I am constantly seeking out the beauty of nature and my eyes and my heart are always open and tuned in to the magic that exists. Before this rainbow appeared I was inside watching the rain storm and the sun trying to poke through, my heart excited at the prospect of a rainbow. I sang a little made up rainbow song which made my kids think I am even crazier than before, and even got dressed to match 🌈 just in case 🙏🏼 like a little child filled with joy I was getting ready singing my song, and then I saw a glimmer of colour. I ran outside squealing and sure enough I watched a beautiful rainbow form right in front of us. What I couldn’t quite believe was that a second one formed and they were both the most vibrant rainbows I’ve ever seen 🌈🌈We could actually see the ends of the rainbow 🍯 Make sure to watch my Parry Beach story highlights 🌈 . @parrybeachbreaks has been the perfect spot for our family to unplug and connect with one another and nature. The kids have braved the southern ocean in winter ❄️ we’ve explored the ancient forests, gone bouldering along the magnificent coastline, and spent many cosy moments by the fire playing cards, laughing hysterically, and drinking a million cups of tea 🌿☕️ . My heart is filled with gratitude and beautiful memories from our trip down south and I’ll be sharing more on my blog soon ✨ . 📸 @bobbybense .

When winter looks and feels like this, I’m in 🔥 What’s your favorite part of winter? . I love sitting by the fire. It’s so mesmerizing and relaxing and far better than TV for me ✨ Especially while I’m enjoying the most delicious vegan tapas feast of my life thanks to @lamontssmithsbeach at @smiths_beach_resort ✨ . Just add some of the new vegan @pana_organic raspberrry white chocolate, maybe some wine or hot chocolate or both 🍷✨ . Very content here wearing one of my favorite new dresses from @milanjafashion@anandasoulcreations jewelry ✨ Throw + cushions by the lovely @sea_tribe ✨ . 📸 @bobbybense .

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