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Left or Right? @kimberamerica⠀ ...⠀ 📷: @gallensons_guns_

📷 @arm.and.gun | bang bang bang x2 ⠀ -⠀ 🔫 = @Chiappafirearms Triple Threat 18”💥{12ga}⠀ 🔫 = @Chiappafirearms Triple Threat 12” 💥{12ga}

If you run out of 223, the @sylvanarms 9mm conversion block has you covered. Just switch uppers. Turn any standard AR15 into a 9mm. 😈 Ft. @alex_zedra

Where my Call of Duty fan boys at! The PP-19 9x18 Bizon. | 📷 @m13industries

M82 😈 | 📷 @betrunken1

🎥 @kalash_queen | is pure happiness featuring

@tippmannarmory 9mm Gatling Gun 😱

@kimberamerica Desert Warrior | 📷 @taylord_firearms.

📷 @tamfamgram | Because FDE is old news. ODG primary, full size, compact, and subcompact. Which one are you taking?

@kalikey.usa is not just for those behind enemy lines, utilize it for hunting to keep things even quieter with your suppressor. —— 🎥 @twangnbang

📷 @someutahn | Modern Tommy Gun 😎🇺🇸

Via @aeroknox Have you seen a better looking 1911... 😍

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