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Beverly Hills, California

Never. @lindseyvonn @roguefitness @cormax_fitness @firstdegreefitness ・・・ Different game, same rules apply- “Never, never, never GIVE UP!!” My dad (or Winston Churchill lol)

Went shopping this weekend. Found some unbelievable belts. @andy_destroyer13

Beverly Hills, California

It’s the work ethic. Period. @subbanator @synergyfitnessequipment @technogym @ultraslide @keiserfitness @xdfitofficial @waffstudio ・・・ Empty the tank everyday! Do it for the people who believe in you and if no one does, even better... more fuel to the fire!! ☝🏿

I don’t MAKE time for massage and body work but I do what I can when I can and I love this damn @theragun !!!! Thank you @drjasonwersland for getting me through this week (again)!!! For external use only.

Holdouts beware! My little dude REALLY wants to make a roster!

Monday Funday! @lindseyvonn @bradsiskind @subbanator ・・・ Starting this week off right by getting the glutes 🍑 fired up (as PK likes to say!) Been on the road for a while and now it’s time to get back into a routine.... for a few days anyways 🤪 thx @bradsiskind

The mettle for the medals. @lindseyvonn ・・・ Finding my passion for working out again has been a journey but I feel a new sense of confidence from the work i put in. Thanks @gunnarfitness for helping me get my groove back 🙏🏻💪🏻❤️ full video on my YouTube channel. Link is in my story if u wanna check it out

You could retire on canine Botox in this house alone.

@tmacsinc taking it to new levels right out of the gate! @edgecrossx ・・・ First time using my @edgecrossx Thanks @gunnarfitness . This evil contraption is shredding my abs.....even more. @spartcnc @combatstrengthtraining @rebeccalmcnamara @killcliff @kuhl Pantera Shedding Skin!!!

Beverly Hills, California

I’ve always loved training one on one.

Art imitates life? Art meets life. Rambo, meet Rambo. @officialslystallone @realrudyreyes ・・・ Big Hero Thanks to @gunnarfitness for More Opportunities to spend time training and hanging w the and of What My Generation Calls @officialslystallone .. .. Little Kids Grow up believing in Heroes .. And some of Us Become Them..

I’ll just leave this right here. 🎤 👋🏼 @khloekardashian @revengebody @eentertainment @amyelkinsofficial @larissa_anna_katharina ・・・ Can @GunnarFitness be our trainer?! 🙋 

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