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Chainsaw artist seeking a life of travel, freedom and inspiration.

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Austin, Texas

Mentally preparing to work outside in this.... 😑

Austin, Texas

I'm taking a few days off to spend time with my daughter, Millie.

Château Montus & Château Bouscassé

Met some cool people on the road so while I'm doing mundane things like clean my house, cash checks and pay bills, I'm going to be posting pics from my recent journey through and . This one is from 🇫🇷 with some folks from @montusbouscasse

Kitty Cohen's

Back in Austin, recovering from a long journey. How do you recharge your batteries?

Friedberg, Hessen, Germany

On my last day in , my new friend Martin Götz gave me a lesson in tree felling. He climbed the tree, which had a fungal infection and was leaning dangerously over the house of a client, cut off the branches while I helped his crew feed them into a wood chipper (a fun I really want now). Then he let me cut it down and buck the log, and even drive the loader! It was very interesting to tag along with a world class for the day. I was impressed with the process! Video of cutting down my first tree coming soon!

Rauschwitz, Thuringen, Germany

I had a truly incredible time in for an event hosted by Christian Schmidt for his project. Here is my with more of a twist. I was to do a little with this mirror, and hints of the from and . photos by @andy_assmann and @reshofmann

Rauschwitz, Thuringen, Germany

End of day one and the first part of my is mostly blocked out!

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