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Pioneers in asbestos litigation and NFL concussion litigation. 1-800-COMPLEX. Also see @asbestoslawyers. Pittsburgh. Greensburg. Johnstown. Weirton.

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11 Stanwix - Suite 1800 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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GPW supports and observes 2019! Each year on August 1, World Lung Cancer Day aims to educate and inform about the signs and symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, risk factors, and prevention of lung cancer. Lung cancer is the leading cause of death from cancer in both men and women. Smoking is the number one risk factor, but exposure to carcinogens like asbestos account for thousands of deaths each year.

We see you! Getting ready for Pittsburgh Taco Fest at Highmark Stadium

A mesothelioma diagnosis is devastating and difficult to understand, but not without hope. Through clinical trials, patients can be offered specialized treatments for their illness that will not only further develop research and treatments, but could also bring us one step closer to finding a cure.

We’ve sent a lot of mailers over the years, to various places where people are suffering because of their asbestos exposure. Many didn’t realize their illness was tied to asbestos until they received information from GPW. &LSteel

What is something that made the steel industry so profitable for Pittsburgh back in the day? Why it's rivers of course! Shipping coal, steel, and other raw materials up and down our rivers helped Pittsburgh become one of the nation's leading steel producers. Our "Smokey city" days are behind us, but this is a sight we'll never tire of seeing.

A known carcinogen, asbestos remains legal in nearly 70% of the world, United States included. This week the celebrates 15 years of asbestos awareness and prevention with Global Asbestos Awareness Week.

Symptoms of a are not always immediately apparent. Sensitivity to noise and light, blurred vision, dizziness, nausea/vomiting, and changes in sleep pattern are common indicators of a .

The Naval Shipyard in . Naval shipyards like this were notorious for using to reduce the chance of fires at sea.

The Safety in Youth Sports Act and the Zackary Lystedt Law aim to keep student athletes safe and parents informed regarding protocol. Any player suspected of a concussion needs to be immediately removed from the game and evaluated. Only after being cleared by a medical professional can a player return to the game. Schools are responsible for making sure parents know and accept the dangers of the sport in which their child plays. Since these are actual laws, there are consequences for not complying.

Train cars outside at the plant in , . This location used to protect workers from extreme heat, causing many to become sick from the carcinogen.

Concussions among athletes are a rising epidemic and injuries sustained now, can affect a player years and years later. More than half of all concussions occur during competition, but 33.4 percent also happen during practice. In half of all high schools across the U.S., 13.2 percent of injuries are concussions. Each year 300,000 concussions are sustained in high school sports with 67,000 from playing football. Source:

Traumatic Brain Injuries contribute to 30 percent of injury related deaths in the United States. Each year 2.8 million people sustain a , but nearly 90 percent are treated and released. Unfortunately, 50,000 people a year die directly from a TBI with the most common causes being fall down accidents, motor vehicle accidents, deliberate assault, and sports brain injuries.

The "A" furnace at in . This furnace was built in 1915 and ran until November 18, 1995. was used at this location to protect workers from the extreme heat that was used.

An outside look at the Mingo Junction Steel Mill that was once owned by Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel. It is now owned by JSW Steel.

This is the inside of the Rouge Steel Plant in . was used to protect workers from extreme heat, making it a very dusty and dangerous place to work.

This is a sign at the Weirton Steel Mill in Weirton, West Virginia. Many people were unknowingly put in danger when they worked with on the job.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The point is under water due to all the rain has been getting.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

A look at the from the Mon Wharf parking lot. It is easy to see why the Mon Wharf will be closed on Friday.

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