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•@MensHealthMag Top Trainer •@RIPTENSITY training program creator •@SBX_Boxing Chicago Founding Instructor 2x Chicago Golden Gloves champ🥊 🇳🇬🇺🇸

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Chicago, Illinois

🙌🏿CHICAGO - WE’RE LIVE🙌🏿 ___ Click the link in my bio to view the @sbx_boxing schedule and BOOK YOUR BAG.🥊Christen the studio with the first class offered next Wednesday at 7am- oh, and I’ll be behind the mic.🎙😏 The wait is over, y’all! Catch you ! ___

Los Angeles, California

🔥 causes 💦❗️It’s science.👨🏿‍🔬 __ @mikedfitness ・・・ NEW WORKOUT 🔥🔥🔥 LINK IN BIO - Super excited to bring you this workout from @getfitwithgiddy! I've looked up to Gideon for a while and I'm absolutely thrilled and grateful to have him on the site! - Gideon is bringing the heat — and lots of sweat — with this stacked 30-Minute Bodyweight HIIT Workout. You've got five moves and three circuits; each circuit you "stack" on another round, doubling and tripling up the work. Get ready for this all out sweat fest with Gideon! - ➡️ @sweatfactor 👉🏼

Chicago, Illinois

How about a little core and lower body to jumpstart your week? Well here ya go! 4️⃣ moves that’ll have you feeling strong and sweating just a lil. 😅😉Who’s In? ___ ♟Leg Lift and Crossbody Knee Tuck ♟♟Lateral Lunge To Reverse Lunge ♟♟♟Alternating Knee Tuck Crunch ♟♟♟♟Lateral Banded Walk ___ Ya got 🔟 reps of each movement and 3️⃣ total rounds. Have a ball!🤗 ___

Ride it like you stole it❗️🚲 🚓 ___ ___ @ifit ・・・ It's MONDAY which means a new week and new goals! NO EXCUSES👊⁠

Chicago, Illinois

If you stand still, you’re dead.💀🥀 Keep moving, my friends.🦋💐 ___

Chicago, Illinois

You don’t have to be an Olympic hopeful to reap the benefits of the “Speed Skater”❗️⛸This bodyweight movement will tap your inner athlete as it combines balance, power, and cardio. 💪🏿💦Give it a shot in your next workout and tune in next week as @DoGoodLiveWell and I provide more on your !📆👀 ___ @DoGoodLiveWell

Chicago, Illinois

to 1 year ago. August 13, 2018. ___ @getfitwithgiddy ・・・ Welcome to week 1️⃣8️⃣ of “Giddy’s Monday Move”‼️📆 ___ This bear plank to push-up transition is everything!🐻💪🏿Consider it the meeting point of explosion and control! ___ Use this as a substitute to your standard push up variation. Target is 3️⃣ rounds of 5️⃣-8️⃣ reps. Can you do it?🤔Of course you can!😅 ___ Tag me when you try and use the hashtag so I can repost you!🤩 ___

Anaheim, California

What a morning!🌤🤗These athletes did not hesitate to at the 2019 @mindbody BOLD conference!👊🏿👏🏿 They rocked a 4️⃣5️⃣ minute bodyweight workout and connected with other fitness business owners and leaders from across the country.💪🏿 Thank you @mindbody for having me and thank you to my respected peers for trusting me to lead you in today’s experience in SWEAT 💦 and COMMUNITY🌆. See y’all next year in NYC! (more in IG stories) ___

In 2016 Men’s Health (@menshealthmag) blessed me with the opportunity to create and star in my own fitness project!💪🏿⭐️ I wanted to impact as many people as possible, so I designed it to be bodyweight workouts for men and women all under 30 minutes!⏰🔋 Many of you are familiar with @RIPTENSITY, but for those who are not, it’s coming back with a vengeance on the @alloutstudio app! Let’s just say, it’s a GOOD TIME!🤗😉 ___ Stream @RIPTENSITY on the @alloutstudio app, NOW! ___ ___ @alloutstudio ・・・ We'll just let @getfitwithgiddy tell you about it. You're gonna want the sound on😄 Tag a friend who’s ready to take on Riptensity with you!

Chicago, Illinois

As you can see,👀 the sweat is real!💦All it took was a couple of dumbbells to get the job done.✅ Work these moves as a circuit or interject them into your workout as you’d like, but keep your focus on CORE ENGAGEMENT! 🔍 💪🏿 ___ 🔰Renegade Row to Push Up 🔰Side Plank Row 🔰Weighted Double Crunch ___ 🔟 reps each. 3️⃣ rounds minimum. Doctor Giddy’s orders!👨🏿‍⚕️ ___

Chicago, Illinois

All Earned. Nothing Given ❗️@sbx_boxing 📆Light it up with us, Chicago.🥊🔥 (link in bio) ___ 📷: @edsel ___ @sbx_boxing

Chicago, Illinois

🔄All Around The Core🔄 This movement is solid for a strong midsection (front, sides, and back) but also great for shoulder stability as well as balance.❇️ Beware: it ain’t as easy as it looks!👁 Give it a shot in your next workout and tune in next week as @DoGoodLiveWell and I provide more on your !📆👀 ___ @DoGoodLiveWell

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