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Check out @stardubs our new seller, as a promotional offer they will be offering 3for2 on all FRESH scents!

Who's got that FRESH feeling? 🎈-We are looking for resellers. Drop us a dm to join our team!

You'll find us in this months let us know what you think 🍒🍒🍒😉

Resellers wanted🍒 Get in touch today 😊 🍾No minimum orders 🍾Limited Sellers so you can maximize profits. Tag people below guys, where do you want us!

thanks to @j7fku. Keep sending these in guys 😍 P.s don't clean your wheels with this 😂

Battenburg sitting pretty in @steve.temple BMW! Send us your shots for a reshare!

Thanks @aubz_imp for this shot! Keep them coming people 🙌

Battenberg scent... I'd say this is still the most popular, marzipan fans you are in for a treat with this one. The only downside is it'll make you hungry! P.s please do not eat it!

Gingerbread... Now this is a strong one and perfect for those who love spiced scents, it smells guessed it Gingerbread.

Clean Cotton... Fresh linen, that's the only way I can describe this scent. If you like the smell of FRESH and clean without being over powering this is the one for you. It seems to be a firm favourite with the ladies for around the house!

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