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I’ve heard racist shit mostly from democrats actually. They think black people need all this special help, THEY DON’T! THEY’RE JUST LIKE ME AND YOU! So bro do me a favor, and take a look at how your party belittles minorities into victimhood and reconsider your statement 😉


No, first of all trump is not all of those things... second of all, how many conservatives hated Obama just because he was black? I’d be willing to bet it is a FRACTION OF A PERCENT! It was his liberal policies and views that we didn’t like.

Voter ID laws are not sexist or racist, and republicans are NOT trying to repeal the 19th amendment. Never heard a republican EVER say to not vote or not allow women or minorities to vote. It is completely absurd people think we think this

People don’t realize prejudice and racism can happen on any side. It’s not only white people, it’s every since race, the shitty ones in each race hate the ones that aren’t the same skin color... it’s sad but true for all races

Liberals are very intolerant, and it’s just going to get worse and more racist. Liberals can’t stand that some black people are conservatives, because they feel they are losing control. But unlike the democrats, we the republicans will accept whoever you are, white, black, brown, blue, green WHOEVER!

Nooooo... it’s about limiting illegal immigration by taking away the stupid benefits that make them realize it’s good to break our laws in the first place!

Show these to the next person that says guns are the problem. Gun ownership has been on the decline, and mental health problems on the rise. Not to mention fatherless homes that make kids more prone to violence. KNOW THE FACTS, USE STATS!

Agreed. But now the left is saying it was Trump and Barr that committed the murder!!! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Not everything has to have a counter protest to Trump! Most likely the Clintons or something bigger

Joe Biden is effectively calling all minority children “poor kids”. The left is so demeaning to these children. Joe Biden and others on the left are RACIST!

There’s no winning with these leftists!!!! They say they want a clean environment and Republicans won’t do it, then they try to help, and then the left bashes them!!! Even good things done by a trump supporter is something that can’t be praised as a good act by an ORDINARY CITIZEN!!!

This dude just made Tucker’s point!!! He knows he’s not one, but just because he’s conservative and very vocal about his views, he’s a white supremacist... 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

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