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Maybe we should make 8/20 SIG Rifle Day. @603_lfod ・・・ "This house is protected by the Good Lord and a gun. You might meet them both if you come in unwelcome."... I've always appreciated that saying. 😁

Thunder Ranch Inc School

Here's a sneak preview of the series coming to @TFBTV this fall, tentatively, "How to Win a Gunfight." These videos focus on the equipment and techniques pertinent to defensive carbine use. Filmed at the venerable @thunderranchinc, this clinical set (similar to the popular "How to Shoot Like John Wick" series) will track @gunshorts as he develops skills in Clint Smith's renowned "Urban Rifle" course, using a carbine from @aero_precision with a @ballisticadvantage 1:8 stainless steel barrel developed by @clint_hanson himself, with the @eotech Vudu 1-6x optic up top. Gear will be reviewed, techniques will be discussed, and lessons from Clint himself will be blasted directly into your face.  Video by @ryanogborn | trailer cameos from @trstaff.jd | Special thanks to @brownellsinc @risearmament an @doubletap_ammunition | Stay tuned.

Is it hot in here? Does anyone else feel hot? Gotta step outside for some air. 🥵 😍 @lynndons ・・・ @m13industries 9x18 Makarov PP-19 Bizon. Build on a @recreator_blanks_matt Bizon US receiver on a complete Izhmash kit. We’ve built a Vityaz, so why not a Bizon.

Wake and shake. Check out our man James at Thunder Ranch. @gunshorts ・・・ The @thunderranchinc wet T Shirt contest is LIT. Rifle is an @aero_precision with one of Handsome @clint_hanson's @ballisticadvantage barrels and an @eotech Vudu on top and a @risearmament trigger below.

Thunder Ranch Inc School

Coming soon to , an awesome collaboration between some of the best gear manufacturers in the world and today's most renowned and respected training facility. Worlds collide when @gunshorts meets Clint Smith... 😬

FDE Friday! Purge that OD green because the FDE of Fall is just around the corner. Have fun and be safe. Pictured: @sigsauerinc - Rattler @the_official_q - Thunderchicken @outlawanodizing - Tanodized @reptiliacorp - PDW grip @rtgparts - sights

Miles V. @silah_report from @tfbtv likes long walks in the park, sunsets and the cool breeze of easy living. 🧳 @discipleofviolence assists with the video.

Are Solvent Trap Kits a good idea? Link in bio.

Hot gat? @gunshorts ・・・ . Video is live on . What do you think?

“No soup for you. Come back. One year!” @glockinc EU drops Slimline Rail gun Link in bio.

Grail gun? @gunshorts ・・・ What would Thanos CCW to protecc his jewelry?

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