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•Fashion Designer• "ONE OF A KIND OBJECTS OF DESIRE".... 💝Versailles Obsessed. •Based in Sunny San Diego, California. @fioricouture

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🌸 In the FIORI Studio🌸 “So many new fabrics for One of a Kind Objects of Desire” ... -FIORI • Corsets • Bustiers • Dresses • Waist Belts •Blazers • Handbags • THE DIVINE COLLECTION @fioricouture

Millennium Biltmore Los Angeles

💕I was kissed by a Beatle at the Labyrinth Masquerade Ball! 💕 “THE BEATLE KING “ (@joephillipsart ) Those of you that know me well know I have been followed around by Beatles ( June Bugs) , Dragonflies and Butterflies since I was a child . I have a true fascination with them ... and for some reason them with me !!. Many times you will find them as a detail in my Corsets , Crowns and Jewelry. @fioricouture

Millennium Biltmore Los Angeles

•QUEEN AND A WARRIOR• At the Labyrinth Masquerade Ball.... I had the grand pleasure to hang out with World renowned Master Black Smith of Arms and Armor for film and television Tony Swatton @tony_swatton .. we compared notes on my FIORI Metal Corsets and his Metal Breastplates ! I hope to take a class from him someday . Check him out at LOVE THIS GUY! 💝 Tony Swatton Susan Lafica Fiori

In Honor of Coco Chanel’s Birthday Today ,the woman that inspired me to become a fashion designer when I was 13 years old I also named my daughter after ... @chanelbohn Vintage CHANEL Clear Heels from Paris, France. Circa 1970's (Fiori Privata) Worn with FIORI Luxe Hosiery “A woman named CHANEL" From the DIVINE Collection. 🖤Inspired by one of my all time favorite fashion designer, a true icon and pure Class, COCO CHANEL ... She was Simply DIVINE . •Sheer European Strech black tulle embellished with a hand crafted Camellia that was Coco Chanel's signature flower, and Pearl for that classic iconic look that was truly Chanel. Our FIORI Luxe Hosiery design is a modern take on the vintage stocking from the 1930's. Each sock has a beautifully stitched back seam. All embellished with a Gold Fiori Flower charm on the back seam. Hand crafted in sunny California. FABRIC: European ultra sheer stretch tulle *SIZE: (USA Shoe Sizes) SMALL: 5-6 MEDIUM: 7-8 LARGE: 9-10 "Our Luxe Hosiery Bloom in small batches, just like the flowers in our Garden. Pick them while they last.....they will be gone fast." -FIORI @fioricouture

Millennium Biltmore Los Angeles

“QUEEN SIOUXSIE AND HER ROYAL BANSHEES “ I was truly to be a honored to be a guest and have my FIORI “Royal And Divine” Collection on display at the Labyrinth Masquerade Ball A truly Magical weekend with my Family and lots of Dear Friends. Photo : Son Cory,Me, My Love Danny,Daughter Chanel ,Boyfriend Chris. 💝Photos coming soon . •Special thank you to Dean Hutson @dhmask @lojmasquerade @mermaids_sheroes_entertainment

Millennium Biltmore Los Angeles

“Something about last night was simply Magical”.... 💕-FIORI I was honored to have my “Wild Rose Corset on display this this Divine creature last night at the Labyrinth Masquerade Ball! •Me & “Milo the Magical Unicorn ” . I’m wearing my “Love Pursuing a Dove” Pink Jacquard Bustier Image by :Jean-Honoré Fragonard. See you all tonight for another Mystical Magical evening!! 💝 SPECIAL THANK YOU TO : @dhmask @mermaids_sheroes_entertainment @lojmasquerade @fioricouture

My Beautiful Window at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles for the Labyrinth Masquerade Ball today and tomorrow night. Special thank you Dean Huston @dhmask for this wonderful opportunity and my Lovely window display. I'm truly honored to be part of this Magical event ! Amore, Susan @fioricouture @lojmasquerade

“I feel most myself when when I’m surrounded by Flowers”... -FIORI 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🐝...... •Wearing “Sicilian Summer” vintage 1950’s tablecloth Palazzo pants by @fioricouture •Bag Vintage @fioricouture

The Labyrinth Masquerade Ball

“I’m so honored Labyrinth Masquerade Ball has invited me to display some unique pieces this year right in the main hall. Please take a look at at all the new Corsets and Crowns I have designed for this spectacular Event this weekend & make sure to take as many pictures as you can with all the amazing artists & costumes!” 💝Amore - FIORI •LABYRINTH MASQUERADE BALL• August 16-17 Los Angeles @fioricouture @lojmasquerade •Stylist/Couture:FIORI couture @fioricouture •Photography:Emily Soto •Model:Chandler •MUA/Hair:Jen Kholhagen 💛Special Thank you to The REAL “Grand Wizard of Oz” Dean Huston @dhmask

~Millennial~ MARIE ANTOINETTE •Tiara• Pin •Clip This one of a kind Baroque style tiara was designed from a vintage Italian Brass frame from Rome,Italy. Embellished with flourishing Roses as if just picked from the Queens Royal Garden. Hand crafted Cotton Roses ,buds and 2 busy swirling bumble bees ... Reminiscent of “Marie and the Rose” painting by : Louise Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun Flower embellishment can be removed from brass tiara and be worn as a hair clip or pin. @fioricouture

Versailles, France

🖤MILLENNIAL MARIE ANTOINETTE🖤 Metal Bird Cage Pannier Corset by FIORI @fioricouture “Give me a Bird in a Birdcage, first I will set free the Bird,then I will make a Corset“.... 💕 ~FIORI The FIORI Birdcage Corset. A compilation of 2 large and 2 small bird cages,metal chain,trim and brass bows and vintage brass frame and cotton wild roses. The image of “ Marie and the Rose” is from a brochure I have saved from my travels 7 years ago to The Petit Trianon at Versailles . From France emerged a Queen that has been celebrated into the millennial age and Versailles was the ultimate “Gilded Cage” and that is the reason I use Bird cages to design my FIORI Birdcage Corsets. Marie Antoinette was the Beautiful bird and that was her existence. She was a girl burdened with luxurious but incredibly limited options. She bedecked herself in the symbols of her own entrapment—was reviled and, eventually, killed for it. She lived a life with the aftermath of an amazing party, we know it was a riot. She still represents ornately-adorned beauty and lavish, glittering excess.Marie Antoinette was the urtext of the millennial aesthetic, the “ Millennial Pink” of the Wild Rose and the clothing I chose to use as the accent color that represented her young life as sweet and innocent and the Royal Gold color of the corset represents her Gilded home where she lived life in apocalyptic decadence, an existence of self-conscious luxury is deft, and also rebellious. She had a retribution for wastefulness and exploitation, This mixed message of wealth and justice, beauty and death rings true today, and so her popularity endures.... and so emerges from the ashes “The MILLENNIAL MARIE ANTOINETTE “ “I think you can be substantial and interested in frivolity.” -Sofia Coppola 💝She willl be showcased in the main hall at the Labyrinth Masquerade Ball @lojmasquerade @fioricouture “Millennial Marie Antoinette “Crown designed from a vintage Italian Brass frame from Rome , Italy. *Crown sold separately


“My Diamond in the Rough”... 🖤MILLENNIAL MARIE ANTOINETTE🖤 Metal Bird Cage Pannier Corset by FIORI @fioricouture She is 90 % done. The welding is complete . A compilation of 2 large and 2 small bird cages , metal chain,trim and brass bows. The Brochure is from my travels 7 years ago to The Petit Trianon at Versailles . I will be using the image of “Marie and the Rose “ In this vintage Brass frame . Next the Painting begins . All must be completed by 8:00 am Friday morning . Food and sleep is so overrated. 😏😬🙃 💝She willl be showcased in the main hall at the Labyrinth Masquerade Ball @lojmasquerade @fioricouture

Musée du Louvre

The Designing of “MARIE ANTOINETTE" Pannier Corset (Still in the designing phase ,premiering at the Labyrinth Masquerade Ball August 16 & 27 th) .... @lojmasquerade @fioricouture "LA MÉCANIQUE DES DESSOUS" (THE MECHANICS OF BELOW) 6 years ago in Paris my daughter and I had the grand pleasure to visit "La Mecanique des Dessous", une Histoire Indiscrete de la Silhouette, which examines the role of underwear – and underpinnings, in costume history. I could no longer avoid the lure of creating something of my own that I have not seen done before . .....Returning from Paris My mom gave me a beautifully ornate vintage bird cage that I was obsessed with the idea of turning it into a wearable piece of art. That is where the FIORI bird cage corset was born . That is were my obsession with turning mundane every day objects like bread baskets, birdcages , wall sconces into one of a kind wearable works of art like corsets, bustiers and crowns. ... Welcome to my World.. Amore 💝 -FIORI @fioricouture Susan Lafica Fiori The show notes describe it perfectly: “This exhibition explores the ‘underworld’ of female and male undergarments such as the fly, the pannier, the corset, the crinoline, the bustle, the pouf, the stomach belt, the bra and other vestimentary devices fashioning the body by means of whalebones, hoops and cushions according to the changing dictates of fashion. Modelling the body sometimes to extremes, these “mechanical garments” enabled the wearer to artificially attain the ideal of beauty of the time. This exploration is full of surprising discoveries since, contrary to common belief, these artifices were by no means a 19th-century speciality. Recourse to these concealed architectures has been constant since at least since the 14th century until the present day. Illustrating the diversity of artifices and their mechanics with museum pieces rarely shown to the public, this exhibition – the first of its kind – takes us ‘backstage’, into another, behind-the-scenes history of clothing and fashion.”


“THE LOVE LETTER” The Divine Collection Bustier by FIORI Alta Moda. featuring a patchwork printed of the iconic oil painting “The Confession of Love” By French artist Jean-Honoré Fragonard - French, 1732–1806) One of a kind FIORI Bustier with cut, died and burned roses, buds and leaves to match and give this iconic image of having a 3d illusion of coming to to life. The true essence of Love is depicted in this images of these Lovers confessing their love in a letter. By French artist : Jean-Honoré Fragonard - French, 1732–1806) Fragonard’s masterpiece of this period is the series of large panel paintings commissioned by Madame du Barry, the official mistress of Louis XV, for the Château de Louveciennes (The Lover Crowned, The Frick Collection, New York). the subjects can generally be described as lovers in various stages of romantic involvement in lush, overgrown gardens full of mythological statuary, potted plants, and cascading flowers. Fits size : small/medium Adjustable straps. Black satin bustier with back hook closure. @fioricouture

I can’t work in peace......🐢😂 ..................................................................... I’m so honored Labyrinth Masquerade Ball has invited me to display some of my Corsets and Crowns this year right in the main hall. August 16 & 17 Los Angeles Hope you see you there! 💕Amore, FIORI ................................................................. @lojmasquerade @fioricouture @chanelbohn


🖤 DARK GARDEN FAIRY 🖤 In the FIORI studio today ..... “Labyrinth Masquerade Ball has invited me to display some unique pieces this year right in the main hall. Please take a look at what I have been up to & make sure to take as many pictures as you can with all the amazing artists & costumes!” Amore - FIORI •LABYRINTH MASQUERADE BALL• August 16-17 Los Angeles @fioricouture @lojmasquerade 🖤This Costume will be worn by my daughter Chanel @chanelbohn Will be worn with a custom pair of wings by the talented @hellofaerie

“How does your Garden Grow”..... -FIORI 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 🐝....... Soon Blooming in Sky Blue. •LUCIA'S GARDEN Collection ALTA MODA• "La Principessa" A collection named after my Nona from Sicily, Lucia Di Bernardo Amato inspired by her Divine Rose Garden 🌸She was the reason I fell in Love with Flowers.(FIORI) The first is a series of one of a kind Gowns designed by Me and hand crafted by my Mom Maria "Sicilian Gypsy". Nude Italian tule embellished with hand cut and burned Blush, Cream and Baby Pink Rose and Swarovski Crystals 🌸 • Soon available in "Versailles Blue" And "Venetian Black"

Fabrics are arriving for my New Collection of FIORI Corsets and Bustiers! 💝 •“Marie And the Rose”-Elisabeth Vigée-Le •“Cupid With A Flying Pigeon”-Francois Boucher •“Madame de Pompadour”-Francois Boucher

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