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Designer of large scale floral and more. An American expat in the Netherlands, inspired by the still life painters of the Dutch Golden Age.

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“As they emerge out of the darkness and into the light, flowers provide us with powerful symbols of our common human longing for transcendence.” - Ellie Cashman Wallpaper: Still Life With Shadows

‘Still Life with Shadows Blue’ has all the drama of a nocturnal, Grimm’s fairy tale garden world. Some areas are illuminated by a diffuse moonlight glow; others are obscured by the heavy, inky air of night. Home: @abelone76 Photo: @jeanettefotono

Sharing the powder room of @christyleehome that features Ellie’s Moonlight Meadow Blue Wallpaper. We think combining this wallpaper with marble and gold tones works perfectly! 🌸

Combining the Dark Floral II Black Saturated XL Wallpaper with modern kitchen cabinets, metallic accessories and pastel colors creates the full feminine yet moody experience of Ellie’s wallpaper 🌸 Design: @lunadesignuk Photo: @stillmovingmedia

@ceciliainteriors used Ellie’s wallpaper as an accent wall in this kitchen, we think it’s a perfect example of a modern kitchen combined with classic details! 🌹 Wallpaper: Dark Floral Wallpaper

How incredibly beautiful did this hotel project turn out?! We visited a hotel in Malta that features Ellie’s Moonlight Meadow in their hallway. Now, we can’t stop looking at the images we took to share this project with you!💥 What do you think of this hallway? Wallpaper: Moonlight Meadow Black

The Baroque style of this print on Velvet artfully, elegantly calls to mind the power, grace and beauty of the natural world. This cushion is one of a series of cushions featuring ‘A Golden Age’ on Velvet. We recommend combining different sizes and formats together to achieve the ultimate effect.

For Ellie, flowers of the Dutch Golden Age are symbols of our intense longing, desire, and aspiration towards beauty. Thinking about how she might apply her own hand to this subject matter, it occurred to her that she might want to do this with more softness, applying less clinical precision, and revealing more emotional vulnerability. A Golden Age Wallpaper is available in four background colors and three scales. 🌿 Wallpaper: A Golden Age Velvet Black XL 150%

@oakappledecor designed this incredible bathroom that took about 6 months to get completed. Now it looks so moody!! 🌿 Wallpaper: Dark Floral Wallpaper

‘I guess it was bound to happen that this bathroom at our clients’ home turned out to be my own dream bathroom. This time, the client’s taste and mine were extremely similar. But I can always pretend it’s my bathroom ..!’ - @kelledameinteriors

The colorway of the Summer Squall in Daylight White is essentially black and white, with shades of muted pink and a blue butterfly. This is what makes the Summer Squall easy to combine with surprising colors and materials! @leannefordinteriors did so well combining this colorway with blue’s, plants and copper/gold accessoires. 🌼

What distinguishes this floral print from the others in our collection is the alternation between areas of focus and detail and large areas of soft abstracted colors. This merely suggest the presence of vegetal forms and drops of sunlight. 🌿🌹 Fabric: Incandescent Rose on Silk Satin

We are in love with this moody master bathroom of the London Townhouse Project in Chicago. Thanks to @kellymariebrainerd for sharing this project! 🌿 Image: @rjhcreative used Ellie’s Dark Floral II Black Saturated XL for a bold and dramatic effect in the diningroom. They have created a romantic and moody atmosphere in here! 🌸 Image: @philcrozier

@sarahlashbrookex used Ellie’s Still Life with Shadows Wallpaper in her diningroom which created a moody accent wall. ‘I love this wallpaper so much, I’d love to use it again, and everybody that comes into the house comments on how beautiful it is! I am so flattered’ - Sarah

The high contrast between dark and light gives the Dark Floral II design a three-dimensional appearance. It can be used as an accent wall in your home for an intimate and dramatic effect. 🌸 Image: @littlelibertyrooms, @liberty.interiors Wallpaper: Dark Floral II Black Saturated 100%

Ellie envisions her designs in commercial spaces like hotels for a long time. Now, @hoteledmondw has used Ellie’s A Golden Age design in their hotelrooms! We love the warm, romantic and moody atmosphere in here! 🌿 Wallpaper: A Golden Age Velvet Black XXL

Look at this floral hallway designed by @suzannkletziendesign; it’s bright yet moody 🌼

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