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Elisabeth Akinwale

Building a Stronger Chicago | Enjoying Motherhood | Co-Founder of @13thflow | @underarmour
30 W Garfield Blvd Chicago, Illinois

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Little boy, I know this isn’t how I taught you to do back extensions. He’s my constant reminder that I don’t have to take everything so seriously. 💜💕🥰

Remain open to unexpected awesome stuff, no matter how your day starts out. Use a proper rack position when you lift. Find someone who’s just as weird as you are. _____________________________

All Black Everything. I’m genuinely proud of this photo. My next career, iPhone action photography! @brattrains is & . ______________________________ Friends, couples, individuals groups, all are welcome to join Kevin and I for a beautiful week in Costa Rica, Spring of 2020! It will be a lovely balance of activity, relaxation, exploration, discovery, and fellowship with a diverse group of people united in our openness to explore Costa Rica! Off the beaten path, delicious cuisine, stunning accommodations, with every detail attended to by @modernadventurists. Info available through the link in my bio. Join us!

A little bit of what we’re doing at the gym today. A slower version is available on the @13thflow page. ___________________________ “Foundational Athletic Stability Training, or FAST, delivers a consistent dose of movements to restore (think things that make your body feel good) and build (gaining functional strength) your body, in combination with dynamic strength and cardio training. At 13th Flow we believe that consistently building and maintaining a foundation is imperative to long term health and wellness. FAST fits the bill, and is always challenging, never boring fitness for everyone!”

13th Flow

Windmills are great for working on shoulder stability and function, hamstring flexibility, balance, rotational core strength, and are a nice option for restorative movement. At @13thflow we usually perform them with a kettlebell, not a DB as pictured here.

Love, love, love having my kiddo with me at the gym. Whether we’re doing a workout together, I’m coaching him, or we’re just in the same space doing our own thing, it’s the best. ✊🏾💜💕

Position • Tension • Timing Paying attention to detail on the simple movements that make up your foundation (prone raises, pass throughs, and body tightened shown here) allows for carry over into more complex elements (static handstand holds). Having muscles activated and body awareness primed when its time to add the additional challenge of balance and being upside down makes all the difference.

Gearing up with @dsw in my favorite @underarmour sneakers. They’re perfect for these late summer workouts! @underarmourwomen Link in bio:

Photography by me. This guy @brattrains works so hard 💜It probably seems like all we focus on is being in the gym. We’re in the first year of a new business, and yes life is pretty imbalanced. Even making time to keep up with social media feels like a challenge, because our core mission is the physical gym. I really liken it to having a new baby in terms of how all-consuming it is. Somethings take everything you have. We’re doing what we do because we care. The lack of glamor is made up for in the abundance of meaning.

Warm-up, 8:00 Flow Pace: 8 Alt Plank Lift 8 Dead Bug 8ea Glute Bridge 8 Burpees 8 Squats ..... @13thflow

When you’re feeling low and can’t seem to shake it, focus on helping someone else. 💕🙏🏾💜 _______________________________ to Coaching at an awesome outdoor venue in Panama 🇵🇦.

People of all levels and backgrounds. It’s not about what the person next to you does, it’s about effort, and doing what you need to do to get your best workout. We don’t need a score board, at the end of the day only you know if you gave full effort. You’re the person you answer to.

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