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WORKSHOPS Sept 13th-15th Milan 🇮🇹 Sept 20th-22nd Nürnberg 🇩🇪 Sept 26th-28th Doha 🇶🇦 Details on my website Check out my new series on @alo.moves!⬇️

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When we desire to be something that we’re not, we can lose our understanding of who we are. Growth is a necessary part to feel whole. When we look to grow we don’t want to try to become something we’re not. We need to understand who we are for growth to manifest. Just like an oak sapling doesn’t try to become an Aspen, it stays true to itself and grows into a mighty oak tree. Wearing @aloyoga ()

Crestone, Colorado

If you want to bring light into the world, you only need to invest in the joy and love of your own heart.

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between passive stretching (relaxed) and active stretching (engaged)? Only our fascia stretches, such as the tendons, ligaments, aponeurosis, and the connective tissues that surrounds and separates all the muscles. The muscle fibers themselves don’t stretch, they are elastic. When we think the muscle is stretching, it’s actually the 30% of the muscle that is fascia that is stretching (plasticity). The muscle fibrils (myofibrils) have elastic qualities and move apart from each other inside of the fascia but are not plastically stretching. Passive stretching targets the fascia of the muscle, whereas active stretching works on the fascia of the muscles and tendons because muscles need to be engaged to contract and stretch the tendons. In a person who isn’t very flexible, both active and passive stretching can be very beneficial. When passively stretching on a tighter person, the muscle fascia takes the strain, and the muscle fascia stretches. But when a hypermobile (very flexible) person passively stretches, the ligaments take the stress, and this is potentially harmful. Some ligaments are meant to stretch, these are called dynaments (dynamic ligaments as described by Dr. Van Der Wal), but many are not and this can cause lax ligaments and instability in the joints which is dangerous and can cause further problems. When it comes to longer holds, there is a lot of new research that suggests fascia reaches its stretch potential (how far it can stretch safely) at around one minute and then will no longer lengthen no matter how long we hold the stretch. However, active stretching over a minute can be beneficial for training the neurological response which will increase your ability to lengthen the muscle in a stretch. Flexibility is more complex than just stretching fascia, and fascial stretching involves more than just passive and active stretching. Flexibility comes from a combination of genetics, plasticity stretching, fascial elasticity, viscoelasticity, glide, and the nervous system as well as a few other factors. We need to work on all these areas to progress our flexibility rather than just focus on one area.

London, United Kingdom

A quick early morning practice before I fly to Colorado. This is the first time I’ve tried a hollowback on my fingertips. It was much easier than I thought it would be. I practice strengthening my fingertips daily so I don’t suggest trying it until you put the ground work into the conditioning. Wearing @aloyoga

To move forward, sometimes we need to move backward first. In most movement this is true but in life, regression is never a direction we can move as we project towards the future. It might feel as we are going backward, or are repeating a pattern, a fallback, a setback or repetition of past circumstances, but it only appears to be this. Time is a forward projection of the present moment and although it feels like momentum is lost, stagnation and backward movements are impossibilities. A better way to perceive moving backward is to understand our need for repetition. Repetition is the key to learning and growing. If you feel like you came into a setback, see it as an opportunity to solidify an experience that will propel you forward. For every moment of repetition is a moment for reflection and every reflection shows us a clearer picture of the truth. Wearing @aloyoga Fancy camera skills @fitflexjuli

London, United Kingdom

Why does it seem so difficult to be in a constant state of balance and harmony? Nature is, in itself, perfect harmony. But her harmony exists through waves of ebb and flow; oscillations of extremes and cycles of birth and death, or growth and decay. It is in the vibrations and fluctuations that the universe settles into the expansive chorus of change. I am always seeking balance because it is impossible to arrive at a place that is perpetually moving. We understand peace by exploring the spectrum of ease and effort, yin and yang, struggle and surrender; and because our understanding of these extremes are continuously changing, our idea of the center is also shifting. To exist in unity is to understand how to rest in tension, surrender to struggle, find challenge in comfort, and understand that heads and tails are the same coin. Wearing @aloyoga

Impossible is an expectation. Making this impossible pose possible with my friend @adellbridges. This is an older photo from when she was assisting my workshops a few years ago. I still can’t believe we were able to make this shape. It took us 1000 fails before we were able to do it. Yesterday, she completed my 300-hour advanced teacher training with 23 other amazing teachers. It’s been such an honor to be a part of her yoga journey. Thank you Adell for putting your trust in me. Both of us wearing @aloyoga ()()

Schloss Tratzberg

Life is not complicated on its own. It is full of obstacles but these obstacles are not inherently good or bad. An obstacle can be an opportunity to climb and discover spiritual growth or it can be a road block that holds us back from moving forward. If we choose to see the situations and people in our lives as problems then we can only be reactive to these problems and we have no control to grow or overcome. We can only control what’s within ourselves, so if we view the problem as outside of ourselves then we are powerless to change the situation. If I change the perspective to understand that “l” am the problem, then I realize the truth, that I took the obstacle outside of myself and created a problem inside of myself. I am then able to move from being reactive to outside situations to being active to change what is inside of myself. Wearing @aloyoga

There is not a single perfect form of fitness that covers every aspect of movement; strength, flexibility, mobility, push, pull, dynamic-explosive power, static stability, and cardiovascular health. It's also not practical or healthy to train all aspects of fitness and movement simultaneously. The body needs variability for growth and recovery so it’s important to vary our practices and focuses to train all these aspects of fitness. I love yoga, and it will always remain as one of my primary forms of fitness and movement. I think it's an amazing practice, that when done well, can leave the body in a beautiful state of balance and harmony. On top of this, the mind, body, true nature connection, and philosophy that is part of the practice is also a part of my daily life and I incorporate it into every other form of physical movement I do, whether it's arm balance training or rock climbing. Even though my yoga practice is very strong, I noticed that it left me with some severe weaknesses in certain areas. My biggest weaknesses were dynamic power, speed, and cardio; so I created a workout regiment to change that. This is where "HEAT" came from (my new series I released yesterday on @alo.moves). I researched on how to optimize training fast twitch muscle fibers which are responsible for dynamic strength, explosive power and speed, and our slow twitch muscle fibers which are responsible for endurance, static strength and stability. I took these concepts and created H.E.A.T.; or High-Efficiency Alternating Training. HEAT is not a HIIT workout. There are no intervals. It's a continuous drive that alternates between training dynamic power and static strength while increasing cardio. To get the real cardio benefit, you need to do two workouts back to back, which is what I do. These workouts have transformed my weakness into my biggest strengths in a very short time, and they've made my yoga practice even stronger.

Are you READY? Build explosive strength and power with my new series HEAT on @alo.moves. I’m giving you all a full *30 days free* on Alo Moves so you can check it out! Just use my promo code: HEAT Offer ONLY lasts 24 hours!

Schloss Tratzberg

There’s nothing to gain from the pose and everything to gain on the journey there. Here’s a little transition I was playing with in my self practice today. I messed the ending up. 🤷‍♂️😂 . Shorts by @aloyoga

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