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Silly goose. Mom. Business person. @flowerbeauty 🌸 @flowerbydrew

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Song of the day

Cannot love this women more,my Pilar @kickshawcookery all we do is make beautiful food together! She is my hero

LINK IN BIO @Amazon primevideo my HERO and friend @jimgaffigan WATCH HIS NEW SPECIAL the only thing is know is once I watch or listen to one of his comedy specials, I just wish I could go back to the beginning and do it all over again! Check it!

It’s all about collaboration with my team @flowerbydrew and @flowerbeauty It was so much fun to chat about our company processes at the “For the Love of Collaboration” event hosted by @americanexpressbusiness and @WeWork

Happy birthday to Chris Miller

I’m so honored to be a part of this issue @instylemagazine 📸 @helenachristensen Wearing @flowerbeauty Mix N Matte in Tickled Pink on my lips and something new from on my eyes- coming soon!

Happy 25th Anniversary @instylemagazine !! I love looking back at all of the covers we did together since 1999!!

@flowerbydrew rainbow headboards, shelving and storage 🌈 designed for the happiest rooms! Swipe to see my favorite pieces in this room all available @hayneedle

My personal installation . @flowerbydrew design hack ... put pictures on top of bookshelves and a pink light never hurt. Ps and old book spines are art as well.

Sunday reading. One chapter each

Song of the day

So much joy in one photo!@flowerbydrew We designed the most cheerful wall art, bedding, furniture and home accessories for the happiest room in your home ❤️Everything in this room is from our collection. Link in bio to see the full range available at @walmart @hayneedle

Our @flowerbydrew collection includes the most playful beds, headboards and bedding!! I designed this Cottage House Bed with my daughters in mind and they love it! We made it in pink for the girls, but also in natural wood for a more neutral room - there’s something for everyone! Link in bio - now available @walmart @hayneedle and @jet

launches today!! These @flowerbydrew party cups and plates are some of my favorite pieces in the collection. Both come in colorful, assorted sets of 6 so everyone at the table can choose their favorite color. Collect them all! Link in my bio to shop @walmart @hayneedle @jet $25

Introducing @flowerbydrew !!! Click the link in my bio to see the full collection ❤️ I’ve dreamed of this day for so long! Creating a home line for kids has always been something I’ve wanted to do at FLOWER and pinch me!! The day is finally here. We’ve worked so hard to design this line of furniture, bedding, artwork tabletop and bedroom accessories to bring so much joy into your homes. There’s just nothing else like it out there. I love every piece in this collection and we created the line in partnership with @walmart to make sure that everything is affordable and accessible. I hope you will love it as much as I do! Available starting NOW!!! @walmart @hayneedle @jet

That’s all folks! closes out with @sundayriley Juno oil and @nowfoodsofficial vitamin e which are beautiful oils to truly hydrate your skin! It’s been a great time and all@I can say is he good to yourself. Be kind. Be happy. I believe beauty is about to be way we feel. And if we have tools to feel good then that’s how we present ourselves. It’s not about the way it looks, the question is are we happy and confident and ready to laugh and listen! I am so into promoting positive messages in the beauty world! We are who we are and that is unique and beautiful in itself. Now go out there and kill it! And share tips with others along the way!

for anyone who gets eaten alive by mosquito’s during summer! Here is my life saver. I’m sorry it’s not organic and it does the trick for me because I am desperate.

@systaneph is my favorite GEL EYE DROP you can get it in any local drugstore and what it does is truly lubricate the eye with a much more viscous approach! It stays in the eye and remains until it truly heals it! And for all of you beauty mavens out there who wear eye make up, you need this to wash away the constant end of day fatigue that cosmetic chemicals can leave! Trust! Run! Try!

Michelle Rodriguez, My amazing physical therapist (who by the way works with so many incredible people i am lucky to be one of her clients) she has these supplements that have changed my life. Check out my video and get them at @mpgessentials @mrodpt

I cannot love this more. I love it almost as much as women themselves. RG @dore

Monday moment before work! Wearing @talika_us eye patch @flowerbeauty face mask and @sisleyparisusa lip balm

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