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YOUNG&FREE💃......Only 1⃣7⃣ ✨✌️Trouble Never finds me✨✌️ BIG OLE GEEK🔥BIG BRAINS , There's no D's😜

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One of those weird puzzles you get annoyed putting together⚠️

Yet I tend to think I'm invisible. Later on people tell me what they think of me and it surprises me, the positive views they have of me😥 . It's only when you seek out attention it disappoints you.

Where'd all the good men go and where are all the gods?🔩


When the phone’s too close 🌞 🥰

Look on the bright side.

I will adopt you simba 😩❤️ just run away from my sister into my house

Sometimes I like getting sad because the happiness that comes after is worth it. I realize how much I'm worth once I'm done crying and I seem to not want the same thing again. 😉😏😊

I want to live, that's what I'm doing so I'm happy asf🤣😜

The good die young

The thought of me being manipulated this way always haunted me. Like im scared to be manipulated because I loved the wrong one. This is why I'm so tough mentally regarding love.

I had this song on repeat all day

Next time I love , I'm gonna love hard. Next time I dress, I'm gonna dress good. Next time I cry, I'm gonna cry hard😂😂

10/10 would marry iron man💛

Relationships are hard but gestures like flowers or notes mean alot and they show love.


Sometimes I wish I was this mean. It's not in me but it seems like horrible people get what they want, but they're also never happy so idk.

Taylor girl if it's okay with you I'll like to switch bodies.

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